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The end of the year is always such a reflective time for me. What's most unique about this moment of reflection year-after-year is that the reflections are paralleled with a projection of what's to come. I reflect on how I've been leading my life thus far and then spend countless hours crafting my resolutions to better my life for the year ahead. I always find it so silly that I do this only at the start of the new year, but there is something so refreshing about a new start. There is also something so comforting about knowing your not alone ion your endeavor to resolve various elements of your life as this has become a cultural tradition of our generation. 

I've also done a lot of thinking and reflection on the simplicity of strengthening my own self awareness. One way I have found the ability to do this is through understating why I choose the keep the company that I keep. By understanding this I am better enabled to tune into what it is that I enjoy and how I can simply strive to be my ideal self by being the self that I myself would enjoy. 

This reminds me of the golden rule... "do unto others as you would have done unto you." But we also often forget to "do unto you as you would have done unto others." The resolutions are brewing and I am consistently more and more blissful about the marvelous company I've been blessed enough to keep and also efforts towards bettering the company that I give myself.

2012... I'm comin' for you.

sugar plums & spiced rums,


B's Top 10 Books... Baby it's cold outside...

…and whenever that’s the case all I want to do is crawl under my down comforter with a mug of tea and a good book in hand. I have the reading fever right now so I’m currently lost in the middle of Room, The Happiness Project, Other People’s Children & The Hunger Games. This splendid book hugging got me thinking about my favorite books. Some are favorites because they have simply entertained me, some have tipped my perspective on life, and some just put a nostalgic grin on my face when I hear the title. None-the-less I offer to you my top 10 list of favorite books (simple books, but significant to me)…

The Five People You Meet in Heaven (Mitch Albom): I remember reading this book years ago and feeling so enlightened about life. I am always making the effort to be conscious of my every interaction with people, no matter how grand or petit they are. No other book I have ever owned has been dog-eared, highlighted and tabbed as much.

Island of the Blue Dolphins (Scott O’Dell): I first read this book in the 4th grade and picked it up again two summers ago. There is limited dialogue which I was surprised to be entertained by but I enjoyed it just as much as I had in 4th grade. This beautiful story was the perfect read for a warm summer’s night…. I refused to fall asleep until I had finished it.

Letter to my Daughter (Maya Angelou): My mom sent me this for Valentines Day two years ago and I couldn’t get to a cozy seat and fold the cover back fast enough. I absolutely LOVE this book (my favorite passage: Commencement). Maya Angelou’s words consistently warm a small place of my heart and have a direct impact on my daily actions and reflections.  

Helter Skelter (Vincent Bugliosi): I must confess, I am fascinated by fear. I love sharks, dark nights, and criminal minds. What better entertainment than 700+ pages of investigation from the Manson Murders? Helter Skelter doesn’t miss a beat- from the history of Charles Mansion’s upbringing to the prosecuting attorney’s lengthy case of evidence I was completely consumed.  

The Shack (William P. Young): My mom gave me this book a few years ago and said to me “It’s weird, but I know you’ll like it.” Sure enough it was the right kind of weird for me. As someone who identifies as faithful rather than religious I absolutely loved the spiritual insight in this book.  I felt so enlighten and intrigued, this is one book that I can honestly say changed my life at an internal capacity.

Tao Te Ching, The Book of the Way (Lao Tzu): I was enlightened by Taoism after I read The Tao of Pooh (Benjamin Hoff) and adopted quite the craving to learn more. While this is a quick read there is so much to learn from the simplicity of the scripts and the truth of the words. I often keep this within reach and pull it out when I’m looking for something to provoke thought or settle my mind.

To Kill a Mockingbird (Harper Lee): While I haven’t read this since my freshman year of high school I’m still pleasantly haunted by the good soul of Atticus Finch and often find myself asking WWAD (What Would Atticus Do?)… I must reread this gem in the not-so-distant future.

The Four Agreements (don Miguel Ruiz): Yes it’s a “self-improvement” book but I love this it and what I have learned form it. I’ve blogged about it before (along with 28 Days to a More Magnetic Life another FAVORITE of mine) but could not let it miss the list. I love the agreements and how “tangible” they are and applicable to apply to your life.

Something Blue (Emily Giffin): Emily Giffin is my favorite author. Her writing is so relatable; I can easily connect with so many of the characters and experiences in all of her books. Something Blue has been my favorite yet. It’s the sequel to Something Borrowed and if you’ve read/seen Something Borrowed you must get Something Blue in your hands to find out what happens next. I also love the reminder that every person hosts the ability to grow and change through self realization and that there are always two sides to every story.

Mythology (Edith Hamilton): In high school we read Edith Hamilton’s version and in college I studied the generic text book but none-the-less I am a self classified Greek Mythology geek (I also have two Mythology Bowl championships from college to back up that proclamation as well).  I love the characters, the stories, the lessons, and everything else in between. I love pulling out these tales on a rainy day and relating them to my own adventures.

& I'd love to hear yours....

Blogging from bed…


& I'm Back Again

Phew. Life got a little bit crazy there for a moment... here's how it went down, according to my iPhone....

I spent some time in San Fransisco and all over the fine state of New Mexico...

...In New Mexico I spent time with my college sorority sisters, former students, and crowned the new Miss New Mexico USA (who is FABULOUS by the way...) and now I'm officially a retired pageant queen and humbled by my generous experiences. Nothing tops spending time with the people I most adore (*college friends, pageant friends, family, and my former preschoolers).

Good company in New Mexico.

Then I took a road trip to Denver with my Tulsa crew to spend Thanksgiving with my family (& gatos... purrrr). I loved seeing my family, touring the Colorado, Kansas and Oklahoma and coming to know even further how blessed I am to have Mike, Ryan, and Maile in my life here in Oklahoma.

...and now here's life.

I thought I'd never unpack all of my luggage remnants and get my loft back in order... but sure enough I did and even decked the halls with some festive lights. Life feels controlled again.

I also thought I'd never get back to Happy Brittany... but I've had major withdrawals and forgot who I was without it. Well I'm back and fired up, I have lots of new posts just waiting to be published and I'm more equipped to make Happy Brittany a lifestyle rather than a hobby and I'm excited to hear from you all and share more & more adventures. Live to learn and learn to live.

 See you tomorrow gems...

Oh.... and I spent Sunday night in Tyler, TX.... but that's a tale for a future time. *wink