Show & Tell

Being a teacher has got to be one of the best and most rewarding jobs in the entire world.

My classroom is very goal driven. I have taught my students about the reward of working hard and always doing their best. It was such an incredible experience today to allow their little minds to enter into my world and show them how I am just as much of a dreamer as they are.

Today I brought in the Miss New Mexico USA crown and sash. I introduced the concept by explaining that I had recently been selected for a new job and that I even had a uniform for it. I explained how I had to answer questions that allowed me to display my intelligence and that because of how hard I worked in college I was able to do such. They caught on to the concept very well, I was very impressed ( though they never seize to amaze me).

I pulled the sparkly sash out of it's box and watched as their faces lit up, it was so sweet.....
a.m. class

p.m. class

 Then we passed the crown around, all of my students were able to touch it and feel it. It was a lot of fun....

Next, I let them all try it on, they LOVED this so much, even the boys got really into it!

And finally we took a few group pictures, everyone took turns holding the crown or the sash....




I am so lucky to be their teacher. They are magnificent little human beings and it is such an honor to be trusted with their education and their futures. I can only hope that they never lose sight of their big dreams and that one day, many years from now, they will think back and remember that their quirky pre-k teacher knew that there were big things planned for their futures.

It's going to be a great year.


"With a Little Help from My Friends"

(Photo Credit: Sandra Deming, Model: Brooke Boswell)
I can't explain how imperative it is to surround yourself with the most incredible and supportive people. Every angle of your life should involve amazing and inspiring people who fuel your energy and enhance your life. Most importantly, you should always consider yourself lucky and grateful to have their company as an ingredient to your world.

On Saturday October 23rd (the night of the Miss New Mexico USA pageant) I was shocked at how unbelievably calm and relaxed I was, of course I was a nervous wreck and was so surprised and delighted by every advancement I had made throughout the event (top 10 to top 5 to the crowning), but for some reason I was oddly calm. As I stood backstage I asked myself "Brittany, why are you so calm? Do you for some reason not want this?" I was very confused. Of course this was something that I wanted, for the past six years this has been at the top of my mind and the underpinning of my dreams.

I reflected on this unusual calmness even further, and then, all of the sudden it came to me. I was so calm because I was so completely content. I was content with the people in my life and the life that I was leading. I had over 50 people who had traveled from all over (L.A., Denver, Las Vegas, El Paso, Gallup, Las Cruces, Colorado Springs, Farmington) just to show their support. Not to mention the overwhelming support I received via Facebook, Twitter, email, phone calls, cards, flowers and so forth. I was so touched and humbled by all of this. I knew that even if I walked off that stage with nothing more then 10 sore toes from the high-heels and 3 layers of butt glue on my tush that I was so incredibly lucky to be  supported and loved by so many magnificent people. I knew that I would have been perfectly satisfied because I would gracefully have walked off stage only to find myself surrounded by all of the people who had come so far and invested so much just to support little ole' me.

I have no idea why my life has been rewarded. I have no idea why I am so lucky to know so many phenomenal people and I am able to call them my family, friends, co-workers, roommates, sisters, students and so forth. What I do I know is that this is the very element and foundation to all of the success I have found in my life.

Surround yourself with positive, inspiring, and supportive people and constantly cultivate gratitude of such. You will never live a disappointing life if you do this, I can promise you that.


Dream Big

Well, it's time for a major update.

As I was driving back from Ruidoso, NM (more on that later) I was reflecting on all of the ways I can potentially share joy with the world. I immediately thought of this blog and how many people have told me how much they love reading about my experiences in my classroom. I thought I would capitalize on that and add even more about my experiences even outside of my classroom and how everything correlates.

In my classroom we have a little saying, I say to my students every morning "Why do we come to school boys and girls?" and they reply with "To make our brains grow!!!" then I say "Yes! Because if your brain is big that means you are smart, and if you are smart what can you do?" and then they respond with "ANYTHING YOU WANT!!" and they just love this. Every morning we do it and every morning they act as if it is the very meaning and drive to their little lives. Well, now Ms. Toll finally has some concrete proof for them.

This past weekend I was in Ruidoso, competing for Miss New Mexico USA 2011. After six years of preparation it all finally paid off and I became Miss New Mexico USA 2011 on Saturday October 23rd. I attribute a lot of my successes to my education. I have worked extremely hard throughout my educational career and especially during the four years I was in college. I also attribute my success to the incredible people in my life who support me and help me be the best me I can be, many of whom I met in school or at college. Not that my students every doubted me, but hopefully it will be as real as ever to them. I am Miss New Mexico USA because I worked very hard, and now I have been able to be "anything I want."

I hope that my influence with my students doesn't just stop in the classroom. I hope that as Miss New Mexico USA I can motivate and inspire people to work hard and set their minds on "anything they want." I know the world is full of endless possibilities and I want to help empower others to want and earn success. Hopefully this blog will be the very beginning of that.

Please stay tuned as I hope to share many experiences on here as well as other great things that I find to be contributors to a successful and joyous life. It is my hope that everyone has the opportunity to experience greatness and love.

Now go on.... enjoy a cupcake....


Hello Hello

Oh my, it's been far too long since I've written about my wonderful life as a teacher. So much has happened it's unreal, but the good news is... I'm madly in love with my students. I was afraid that I would forever love last years students more, but nope! I love them all equally!

Here are some pics, because I want to share the love....

The bunnies get plenty of attention, as you can plainly see, and my students LOVE them. :)))

Love and Learning,


Oh... PS.... Cameron said that he brushes his teeth with "Hot-Cheeto" flavored toothpaste! Oh my gosh! Where can I get some??? Yum!!