Dream Big

Well, it's time for a major update.

As I was driving back from Ruidoso, NM (more on that later) I was reflecting on all of the ways I can potentially share joy with the world. I immediately thought of this blog and how many people have told me how much they love reading about my experiences in my classroom. I thought I would capitalize on that and add even more about my experiences even outside of my classroom and how everything correlates.

In my classroom we have a little saying, I say to my students every morning "Why do we come to school boys and girls?" and they reply with "To make our brains grow!!!" then I say "Yes! Because if your brain is big that means you are smart, and if you are smart what can you do?" and then they respond with "ANYTHING YOU WANT!!" and they just love this. Every morning we do it and every morning they act as if it is the very meaning and drive to their little lives. Well, now Ms. Toll finally has some concrete proof for them.

This past weekend I was in Ruidoso, competing for Miss New Mexico USA 2011. After six years of preparation it all finally paid off and I became Miss New Mexico USA 2011 on Saturday October 23rd. I attribute a lot of my successes to my education. I have worked extremely hard throughout my educational career and especially during the four years I was in college. I also attribute my success to the incredible people in my life who support me and help me be the best me I can be, many of whom I met in school or at college. Not that my students every doubted me, but hopefully it will be as real as ever to them. I am Miss New Mexico USA because I worked very hard, and now I have been able to be "anything I want."

I hope that my influence with my students doesn't just stop in the classroom. I hope that as Miss New Mexico USA I can motivate and inspire people to work hard and set their minds on "anything they want." I know the world is full of endless possibilities and I want to help empower others to want and earn success. Hopefully this blog will be the very beginning of that.

Please stay tuned as I hope to share many experiences on here as well as other great things that I find to be contributors to a successful and joyous life. It is my hope that everyone has the opportunity to experience greatness and love.

Now go on.... enjoy a cupcake....

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