Show & Tell

Being a teacher has got to be one of the best and most rewarding jobs in the entire world.

My classroom is very goal driven. I have taught my students about the reward of working hard and always doing their best. It was such an incredible experience today to allow their little minds to enter into my world and show them how I am just as much of a dreamer as they are.

Today I brought in the Miss New Mexico USA crown and sash. I introduced the concept by explaining that I had recently been selected for a new job and that I even had a uniform for it. I explained how I had to answer questions that allowed me to display my intelligence and that because of how hard I worked in college I was able to do such. They caught on to the concept very well, I was very impressed ( though they never seize to amaze me).

I pulled the sparkly sash out of it's box and watched as their faces lit up, it was so sweet.....
a.m. class

p.m. class

 Then we passed the crown around, all of my students were able to touch it and feel it. It was a lot of fun....

Next, I let them all try it on, they LOVED this so much, even the boys got really into it!

And finally we took a few group pictures, everyone took turns holding the crown or the sash....




I am so lucky to be their teacher. They are magnificent little human beings and it is such an honor to be trusted with their education and their futures. I can only hope that they never lose sight of their big dreams and that one day, many years from now, they will think back and remember that their quirky pre-k teacher knew that there were big things planned for their futures.

It's going to be a great year.

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  1. LOVE THIS BRITT! I can't think of anyone else who deserves all of these fabulous things in your life but YOU! CONGRATS!