Monster Mash

Happy Halloween.... a day late.... but I figured that I would still share my adventures....

Morning session in their glorious costumes!

Afternoon session in their spooky attire as well as the vampire teeth I gave to all of them.... which I forgot how nasty those things get, er, especially when they eat their pudding cups with them still in their mouths. Slimy....

Next we made slime that did not consist of saliva (yuck). I love doing this with them. It requires very simple ingredients but I make it quite the presentation:
glue: ghost blood
Borax: skeleton bone dust
green food dye: monster tears
googly eyes: frog eyes
At first they REFUSE to touch it, but eventually they cannot resist it any longer.

Mmmm.... edible play-dough used to make edible snakes (I know, I too cannot believe that this is my job every day)! It was yummy and they really enjoyed filling up their snakes with M&Ms and candy (hey, do I get points for this being a fine motor development strategy??)

Ah, my favorite part of the day.... the costumes:
Elphaba.... ok so I don't think her intention was to be Elphaba, but I do love the green skin!
Edward Cullen... again, maybe not his intention but he's just as cute as Mr. Cullen.

My favorite is when boys wear the fake muscles. I just adore the fake muscles!

One thing I did learn, if you tell a 4-year-old that this is "mud pudding" they will not eat it, no matter what you do.

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