Lazy Girl Hair

The sun has made it's debut, so why sacrifice the opportunity to soak it up indoors styling your hair? As the temperature rises my beauty routine slims significantly. Thus I am reuinted with my go-to daily hair-do: 
After my experience with many different "bottled" versions of this effortless tress I've narrowed down my top two, and additionally concocted my very own version for a much more "wallet-approved" price. 

Beach Texture
1. Charlotte Ronson: A Perfect Mess Beach Hair. For this particular product it's mostly the smell that does it for me, it's absolutely divine. I use this one on both wet and dry hair though I've found the effects of this product to be more dramatic on dry hair. Oh, and did I mention how good it smells? Heavenly. 

2. Bumble and Bumble: Surf Spray. Same size bottle as #1 but a few bucks more. This product is more dramatic for me on wet hair (oddly enough). It smells like a day at the beach in a bottle (you wont find me complaining about that). The only reason I actually tried this one is because when I attempted to replenish my stock of #1 Sephora was temporarily out of it- but I was pleasantly surprised in the end.

3. Quick, Cheap, & Easy: Homemade. I sadly have no perfect recipe to offer you (but Google & Pinterest offer a plethora!). I just take an empty spray bottle, fill it 3/4 of the way with warm water, pour in some salt (my research informed me that sea salt is better but, eh, Morton is always in my company), and squeeze in some conditioner in my favorite scent (Amazing Grace, duh) and a squeeze of hair gel. Then I tighten the lid & shake it like a Polaroid picture. You can also add some lemon if you intend on gaining some highlights from the sun.... but I don't know what sort of expiration timeline that creates for the whole product (yuck, moldy lemon hair). 

Whichever you choose, 1, 2, or 3; simply spray it on your damp or dry hair, tousle it with your best hair tool (fingers!!!) & embrace the lazy girl hair style as you embrace even more time in the warm sun.

beach waves & sunny days, 


spring fling.

Spring Fling
Spring Fling

I'm giddy from all this spring fling fever in the air.... or shall I say.... in the rain clouds? I mapped out all of the things making me joyful right now simply to find a fabulous pallet of spring colors. In addition to the sweet smell of rain, here is what has me smiling: 

spring cleaning, soon there won't be a speck of my house that hasn't felt the wrath of a Clorox wipe- yes, I'm comin' for you dust bunnies behind the bed! Revamping my nail colors- thank you Betsey Johnson & her cute polishes (& polish names!) at Sephora and Illamasqua for the neon yellow which just about replicates sunshine on your fingertips. The ritual of a French press & brewing coffee. My new-found love for tulips... le sigh. Staying up until 2am reading The Hunger Games, falling asleep with Kindle in hands & lights on, then waking up at 6am to keep reading. Carla Bruni and the liking's of her Pandora radio station. Bath & BodyWorks' new spring scents- as if I live in a cottage nestled sweetly in the depths of an orchard (it's the same place where I believe rabbits talk.... ). On the edge of finishing the entire set of Sex & the City... preparing to watch the movies and feeling excited about starting the sequence all over again. Swapping out my brown American Apparel carry-all for an electrifying orange one (LOVE these carry-alls, rarely use a purse anymore). The smell of laundry indicating the smell of a task being accomplished... oh... and the amount of time I spent debating over which scent to pick when replenishing my dryer sheet stock (approximately 6 minutes). Working breakfasts with my co-workers. Bidding adieu to my blonde locks and welcoming with open arms Chestnut Brown ala Garnier. Dusting off the New Mexican dust from my previously rarely-used umbrella and feeling giddy under it's illuminated pattern. Receiving flirtatious text messages. Feeling alive in the sunshine of spring, particularly through my recently cleaned sun roof.

Joy is in abundance.  

mad rabbit love-


Spring Fever!

I've been hiding in the dark lurking final days of winter for far too long- I am finally ready to blossom with the petals. I've always considered myself more of a fall girl but lately this spring fever has me reconsidering my former devotion. Something about the dawn of a new season and celebration of growth & life has me eager to spring right along with nature. I'm ready to regain my focus, make a few changes, and start tacking projects that the gloom winter months held me back from approaching. Who's with me?

1. Manifest life. A quick and easy trip to your neighborhood Lowe's/ Home Depot may be just the right kick-start to the spring extravaganza. Last weekend I gathered up 4 pots, 2 ivys, 1 fern, 1 philodendron and some new soil to re-pot my lovely new greens. Now every windowsill in my house is graced with the company of a new plant. (Bonus points if you name them!) I love watching them grow & come to life with the season.

2. Make a change. This is something I've been super amped up about. This weekend I traded in my blonde locks for chestnut brown. I did it myself with a $7.99 box of color and some plastic gloves. I'm in need of some highlights for sure but I really do love the new color. Has there been something you have been wanting to change? Simple or extravagant- go for it. Take the spirit of a new season and turn it into courage and zest. 

3. Flirt. I'll admit this is not a strength of mine- but something about the spring compels me to let go of barriers and be a little more flirtatious. This doesn't have to just be with a crush or romantic interest.... you can flirt with a new perfume, a new Twitter avatar, or write love note Post-its to yourself. Something about the act of flirting just feels so appropriate for the cocktail of rain clouds and 75 degree nights. 

4. Spring cleaning- never to be overlooked. It's utterly comforting to know that peeps all around are cleaning out & letting go. I took my car to the car wash last weekend (first time washing the exterior of my car in over a year!) and waxed that baby up. I love driving around in a freshly cleaned car. I can roll down my windows & sun roof and enjoy the crisp spring air much more joyfully now. I'm also focusing on my apartment this week, why do I have stacks upon stacks of old magazines sitting under my television? Enough of that. Reorganize your computer files, your nail polish collection, or your old t-shirts. Out with the old & in with the organized!

5. Embrace the outdoors. Walking to my favorite sushi restaurant with Maile, running along the river, happy hours at the patio cafe, puppy-sitting Lexi & puddle jumping... Any opportunity or excuse to get outdoors must be taken! The summer may not render the same opportunities and the spring weather is always so diverse, you'll want to enjoy these moments before they are gone. 

6. Renew yourself. Adopt a new eating style, commit to a gym schedule, listen to a new Pandora station, swap out your winter sheets, finish up your winter book & crease a brand new cover... whatever you need to do to feel refreshed and energized do it. Small lifestyle changes may be just the right leap into a new season. 

7. Think.Open your mind up to new possibilities & ideas. Start doing whatever you can to approach your work or life in a new way. Write it all out in a notebook and plan out actions. Let your mind release all of the great ideas it's been keeping all winter long. Who says change only happens at the start of the new year? Create moments of change whenever you want with all of the great ideas you posses. Start your own challenge for yourself- don't wait for someone/something to start it for you. Maybe pick an astrological time frame? Set your vision, create a game plan, make it happen. The more you act on your ideas the more they will expand. 

savor spring-