spring fling.

Spring Fling
Spring Fling

I'm giddy from all this spring fling fever in the air.... or shall I say.... in the rain clouds? I mapped out all of the things making me joyful right now simply to find a fabulous pallet of spring colors. In addition to the sweet smell of rain, here is what has me smiling: 

spring cleaning, soon there won't be a speck of my house that hasn't felt the wrath of a Clorox wipe- yes, I'm comin' for you dust bunnies behind the bed! Revamping my nail colors- thank you Betsey Johnson & her cute polishes (& polish names!) at Sephora and Illamasqua for the neon yellow which just about replicates sunshine on your fingertips. The ritual of a French press & brewing coffee. My new-found love for tulips... le sigh. Staying up until 2am reading The Hunger Games, falling asleep with Kindle in hands & lights on, then waking up at 6am to keep reading. Carla Bruni and the liking's of her Pandora radio station. Bath & BodyWorks' new spring scents- as if I live in a cottage nestled sweetly in the depths of an orchard (it's the same place where I believe rabbits talk.... ). On the edge of finishing the entire set of Sex & the City... preparing to watch the movies and feeling excited about starting the sequence all over again. Swapping out my brown American Apparel carry-all for an electrifying orange one (LOVE these carry-alls, rarely use a purse anymore). The smell of laundry indicating the smell of a task being accomplished... oh... and the amount of time I spent debating over which scent to pick when replenishing my dryer sheet stock (approximately 6 minutes). Working breakfasts with my co-workers. Bidding adieu to my blonde locks and welcoming with open arms Chestnut Brown ala Garnier. Dusting off the New Mexican dust from my previously rarely-used umbrella and feeling giddy under it's illuminated pattern. Receiving flirtatious text messages. Feeling alive in the sunshine of spring, particularly through my recently cleaned sun roof.

Joy is in abundance.  

mad rabbit love-

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