I still have a slight cold, but I'm doing much better.

I just got home from school, Parent/Teacher conferences all dang day long, and 36 of my 40 parents showed up. Long day. But I'm full of fry-bread and chili thanks to RVE.

Today I saw one of my 3rd grade after school boys and I just love him so much. He's one of my most favorite human beings in the world. When I saw him I asked him what he did with the haunted house we made last week out of milk cartons and he said "I put a candle in it" and I replied "Oh how creative of you!" and then he said "yeah, and then I gave it to my auntie." What a cutie.

My kids are doing so well, I love them so much and they are all learning so much. I loved hearing all of the positive things their parents had to say and how much they love school. I enjoyed doing report cards (even though it took for stinkin' ever) because I was able to really reflect and see how far the little critters have come in just 9 weeks. And how much more well behaved Larry is. How kick butt Kodi is at knowing his letter and letter sounds. How Oliverio and Nayeli speak so much English. They really all are such amazingly intelligent little beings.

This week:
-Pumpkin disecting
-Pumpkin bingo
-Pumpkin Town, The Ugly Pumpkin, Pumpkin Soup, The Haunted Ghoul House, 16 Runaway Pumpkins and several other delightfully festive books!
-Green Monster Gack
-Dancing to The Monster Mash, Thriller, Shake Your Bones, and other totally awesome spooky jams.

Snow on Wednesday.... oh crud.

Ta ta.



...and yes, the sick kind.

Today when I was reading to my afternoon class Danielle barked at me "Ms. Toll, stop talking like that! Talk normal!" as she was refering to my scratchy squeeky voice that by the end of a day full of calendar math, centers rotations and two read alouds was on it's peak of awefulness.

I politely smiled at her and said "I'm sorry, I can't talk normal, I'm sick."

"Ohp." she replied.

But what I really wanted to say was "Remember last week when you sneezed in my face, and Konnor coughed in my ear and down my neck, and Angel spit toothpaste all over my arm as I reached to turn off the faucet? That is why I can't talk normal. That is why my body is a swimming pool for germs."


B cause I love you.


New Student.

I figured it would be no time before my school filled my one extra spot left vacant after Jessica moved away.... however I really did not prepare myself.... but maybe that is also because I had not been given even a minute warning.

Logan. Logan showed up at my door in his crisp khakis and Hawaiian style button down shirt. This kid was not afraid of the first day of school, or any of the 19 unfamiliar faces glaring back at him. He sat right down in the empty chair and immediately started talking to the other students. My assistants and I were really nervous. We have created such a great class culture and my students are learning so much, we figured it would take a lot of work to get Logan up to the same level as the other students. But he's a little angel. Full of character and jumped right into routine with no problem! He even knows most of the rules already! He also picked a good 1st day to come.... since it is Friday FUNday! We put shaving cream all over the tables to practice writing our letters and I read a Ms. Toll Favorite Friday book. I am really excited to have Logan in my class!

Oh the shaving cream. I don't think I have laughed so hard in quite a while. The students were dying of laughter as I shot shaving cream all over the tables. They loved it. Then when we had a race to see which table could make the shaving cream disappear by rubbing it in the fastest the roar of laughter began again. And now I have learned a valuable life tool..... you can wear a 4-year-old out by asking them to rapidly rub shaving cream into a table. Exhausting!

Favorite quote today comes from Donald. As we walked down the hall he looked up at me and said "Ms. Toll, I really like holding your hand."

I enjoyed a great ending to the day as Ms. Britney, Ms. Shelly (my assistants) and I cut out construction paper leaves for a project and talked about how we are all freakishly obsessed with scary movies. I love them both.

I get to see "Where the Wild Things Are" tonight and it has been months since I have gone to the movies.

Good day. Good night.


new love.

Okay, so the pre-kinders are still my #1s.... but I have recently just discovered a favorite for 2nd place... 3rd graders. I love teaching the after-school program on Tuesdays because I get the 3rd graders. They pretty much rock my socks.



Nico asked me this question 3 times today: "Ms. Toll, can I have a hug?" Although replace the words "can I" with "caiy" to make it sound more authentic. Then twice he asked me: (once during circle time and once during story time) "Ms. Toll, can I sit by you?" and when I told him "yes just sit right here" he said "No! On your lap Ms. Toll!"

When I was explaining to the class that today was Friday, and that on Monday they would get to learn about a new letter Larry called out "Ms. Toll, you're killing us!" I'm taking their little malleable brains to their max levels and I love it.

Nayeli pointed to the heart on my wrist and asked "Ms. Toll, why did you color on yourself?" I'm so proud of her, she only spoke Spanish when she came into my classroom barely 2 months ago!

Isaiah was at the listening center on Wednesday and somehow the CD player got switched to radio, so he called out to me and said "Woah Ms. Toll, Somebody messed it up. It's on a crazy song!" So I went over and set it back on CD and he told me "I liked it." Wonder what it was....

I'm so excited to dissect pumpkins with the little monsters next week!


best jobS (with a capital S)

Favorite quote of the day: Nico was sitting on my lap as we were reading a story. He looked up at me for a few seconds and then asked "Ms. Toll, have you  been married already??"

I love getting to work with the after school program. I have a blast working with them and helping them provoke their creative sides. Today I had three classes of 3rd graders, they are so big. It's quite difficult for me to step out of my pre-k zone and entertain them. Best feeling ever: Richard told me :"This is a fun class, I wish I can be here everyday." And it was in the most polite and sincere way. Melted.

Now that I have two jobs I can say that I have the best two jobs ever known.


"Hey I know you...."

After being out of the classroom for 5 straight days (due to training sessions) it was a little difficult to slide right back in. But oh it was so nice to see their beautiful little faces.

Today the pre-kinders seemed to be a tad bit off, but who can blame them, so was I. It felt odd.

Since today was Monday then that meant it was time to reveal a new letter to the tiny smarties. I was going to reveal their 5th letter to them.

I don't expect them to know how to properly wipe their boogie dripping noses. I don't expect them to be able to reach the water fountain without using a chair for height. And I also don't expect them to remember that on Monday's we learn a new letter, I mean it's only the 5th letter, routine is a slow and steady process for them.... but oh how I need raise my expectations...

Seferino: "Ms. Toll, are we going to learn a new letter today?"
Me: "Yeeessss!! Of course we are going to learn a new letter today... do you want to??"
Seferino: "Yes I do. I don't like T anymore."
Me: "Oh, well, why? What did T do to you?"
Seferino: "It shot me in the head with a laser."
Me: "Oh, well then I can see why you don't like T then."

Try to disregard the last part of the conversation- they are creative and imaginative little beings that need to express the little worlds that revolve inside of their heads. But oh my goodness, they actually look forward to learning a new letter (or maybe it's just the fun drum roll they get to do before the reveal) and they manage to remember the previous letters! I am too proud of them.

I'll end with this quote:
"Hey, I remember you.... you're Ms. Toll!"


and there it goes.

life just became suddenly more difficult.

it seems that in my time of need it is quite difficult for the most important pieces and people to be there for me.

the choice that i have made to be a part of what i am doing has now officially gained control of every component and element of my simple little life.