happy monday [ i & i ]



So go on! Make the commitment above & then start living up to it. Download a new song that you LOVE (right now!!) & turn it up! Shake your toosh. Fluff your hair. Swing your arms in the air. Blow kisses into the mirror. Kick your legs up. Invite someone to join you. Do it at the park (eek!) or simply in your kitchen. Heck, do it with your rubber gloves on while you finish up a load of dishes [productive aren't you??]. Well I don't know about you but I'm going to do it & this is my current obsession. Discover yours and get wild. "You've got every right, to a beautiful life."

twirls & swirls,


a simple Sunday request

....but it would go so wonderfully with my morning cup of tea!

pancakes & double-takes,


The World Could Use More: Rochelle Tolls

Who's Rochelle Toll. My mom. That's who.
Aren't mums the best? Yep. Especially my mum....

she loves her BFF

Lemme keep it short and sweet:

she's beayouuuuteful
she's brilliant & smart & you can't get anything past her (don't worry, I tried around 15-17)
she's once owned a magical boutique in Las Cruces, NM that all the ladies were mad for
she loves me for me, which is rather neat
she raised 3 kiddos on her own & later with the help of s sublime man name Tom
she gave me the initials B.A.T <3
she's wicked stylish & I'm incredibly jealous
she's a master with her BlackBerry
she reads more books than me! (woah!)
she's incredibly neat & organized.... almost a hair past crazy :)
she has worn her hair in an adorable stylish ponytail almost every single day I have known her
she introduced me to one of my first loves: cats
she's OBSESSED with Tim McGraw & has seen him in concert 11 times & has met him once & framed the picture, made a clock with the picture, a watch with the picture & a coffee mug with the picture. Uh huh. OBSESSED.
she always smells heavenly
she has chewed Nicorette gum every day for the past 14 years
she is the BEST gift giver I have ever known. seriously.
& with that, she is the BEST gift wrapper I have ever known.... the woman's got skillz ya'll
she gifted me with a fabulous metabolism (thank you forever!!)
did I mention she's stylish? I still borrow her clothes....yea... you'll see me in them at Miss USA ;) 
she's incredibly loving and sweet 
she's the furthest thing from a pageant mom
she knows what she wants & she goes for it
she taught me everything I know

back in November of 2004 when I was a tennie-beanie
She might be my complete opposite but she's the most perfect mom a girl could have ever wanted. She's embodies all women & moms as magical, divine, gorgeous, & selfless as they come.

she makes me Happy Brittany
She's the greatest of all time. 

"Hi mom!"


Book & Song & Body

Book: Blank Moleskine. Beware! These magical little items are rather addicting. Every time I see them in a store I can't resit the purchase of a new set. There is just something about the smooth pages, vibrant colors, and soft covers that makes me go weak in the knees. I do manage to find plenty of good purposes for them, so it's justified. Here is why I adore these little gems:

mini hot pink: inspiring quotes (perfect size for taking everywhere)
medium turquoise: daily gratitude lists (do it!)
small lime green: Happy Brittany ideas & goodness 
small lavender: compliments & kind words from others
small light pink: Filofax companion for random thoughts & lists
3 cashier journals: 1 for radical self love & love letters to myself. 1 for nightly Miss USA prep reflection. 1 for nightly Miss USA daily task accomplishment lists.

I love every single one of these little treats & I keep a reserve of blank ones ready to be appointed & filled with magical goodness.

Song: One Day by Matisyahu featuring Akon. My former roommate's mom introduced me to this song and I've loved it ever since. 

Body: Smith's Minted Rose Lip Balm. If you know me then you know about the severe fixation my lips have to this goo. I remember once reading that the average woman swallows 6lbs of lip product per year. If that's the truth, then based off of my addiction to this product, I swallow 18lbs per year. Basically, it's as if I foster Smith's Minted Rose Lip Balm triplets in my belly. Ew. Forget that.... this stuff is amazing, just know that.

 tripple scoop cones and old fashioned phones,


happy monday [ i & i ]


Perhaps you will find a moment in your chaotic week to hand-craft a "thank you" card for one or two profoundly deserving souls. 

have a romantic & majestic week,

Oh & I know a certain New Mexican who would be humbled if you gave her 5 stars! You can easily do so right here. xoxo.


Empire State of Mind

Greetings From:

What do I love about NYC? Everything. 

During my magical trip I:
Mastered my "Brooklyn accent" oh my gosh I'm really good now. I was very productive with my time on the train. One more fabulous talent to add to my list of "accent abilities."

Added "learn to play the harp & travel to Brittany" to my bucket list.

"Floated" in the Newark, NJ St. Patrick's Day Parade and was confused for 1.) Miss New Jersey (the "New" made things a bit tricky) & 2.) Miss Mexico (I WISH!).

Dined at Justin Timberlake's restaurant Southern Hospitality and was treated like royalty thanks to my fabulous friend Gloria.

Made my feet angry for long days of walking in high heels, but I loved it.

Strategically planned routs in order to walk around the grates that cover the sidewalks of NYC. I discovered a new fear. But I'm ready to conquer it... Seriously, how are people supposed to walk in heels over those things? I don't like 'em.

Listened to bagpipes.

Spent $15 and countless minutes in a photo booth with my adorable friend Justine Stringer...

Discovered my natural ability for pigeon calling.

Toured Miss New York USA 2011's incredible apartment & rooftop lounge.

Marched in the NYC St. Patrick's Day parade and had a blast soaking up the energy & pride of the crowd.

Had an appointment at Trump Tower.

Shared a taxi ride with my beautiful friend Gloria (former Miss New York USA & Miss New York Teen USA) after a fabulous dinner with her & Allison (former Miss Massachusetts USA & Miss Massachusetts Teen USA from my Teen USA year).

Brainstormed more ideas for my next "Goddess" post... it's gonna be a good one!!!

Spent every night in NYC with a dead phone thanks to my Palm Pre's AWFUL battery life.

Wore red lipstick!!...

Grew my mental visions beyond articulation (ahhhh!!!).

Packed one [1] brown boot & one [1] black boot, forcing me to purchase these adorable Calvin Klein ankle boots at the Macy's sale for only $35 [!!!!!!]


Spent the night at Justine's adorable little apartment. I loved the taxi horn alarm clock.

Received a lovely serenade from a group of high school boys, my heart became a puddle of goo, it was fantastic.

Had "Happy Brittany" withdrawals.

Scarfed down a delicious falafal (mmmm baby!), garlic bagel, and cannoli.... not at the same time thank goodness.

Developed new relationships with AMAZING people, loved them all.

Missed New Mexico...

...but fell in love with the city and officially declare it my future home.

I belong in New York City.

 city lights & late nights,

Oh! And New Mexico still needs your lovely stars... give 'em HERE. Muchos gracias.


happy brittany is about to get even happier thanks to [you]

Once upon a time there was a little New Mexican girl with a big dream.... 
The support I have received over the past few months has been truly overwhelming (in the BEST way). I have been inspired to reflect on who I am & what I represent & I have discovered how to let that shine. I have wanted nothing more than to provoke these same abilities in others and share joy with every individual I encounter. Through relationships, my job as an educator, my title as Miss New Mexico USA and this blog I have found ways to learn, grow, influence and educate. To say I am blessed for your support and love would be an understatement. I hope to further what I am learning and discovering and share it with even more humble and beloved people as the next Miss USA. With your help, words, and efforts it is possible. I'm not just Brittany Toll, I am on a team and you are my mates. Let's take an adventure....

What a lovely way to collect stars, I would be honored if you gave me 5... (I mean have you seen the BE-YOU-TEEFUL competition!?!?)

Rate me here!!!! (I LOVE YOU!)

All of my love....
crowns & upside-down frowns....


A Portrait of Love

Remember how lucky you are? You are so lucky because you get to decide what (or who) you will love. When you love something you allow it to occupy rent in your beautiful mind. Wow. We are so lucky to have the power to decide this. I love hearing about what others love, it helps me understand them, learn about them, & often times it introduces me to something new that I will come to love. 

I also love reflecting on the things that I love. One of my favorite ways is my charm collection. I have 39 charms, & each charm is an emblem of something I adore... a fortune cookie, headphones, Russian doll, lemon wedge, Libra Scales, sun block tube, rhinestone microphone, poodle, mug of hot cocoa, treasure chest, pretzel.... This is one way I enjoy sharing & acknowledging what I love. 

I also like to write lists, take photographs, research, and doodle things that I just simply cherish.

Here's what I'm lovin' right now....

simple bouquets tied with string

feathers (and feather boas!!)
oatmeal pancakes slathered in Nutella
bed head
...yes baby!! I painted these icons of pure LOVE.

my INCREDIBLE family & friends. I love love LOVE them all.
my sweet potted orchid positioned right next to my bed
the Internet & learning nifty new tricks, like this awesome way to eat a cupcake!
letting my mind wander............................................
cinnamon & brown sugar Pop Tarts
letter stickers. for personalizing anything
Selena Gomez & The Scene and this adorable music video
Mac "rose gold" pigment
productivity & cleaning my sweet (and overly neglected) little apartment
Amazing Grace... I could practically drink this stuff
a good joke
Justine for sharing this delicious goodness with me: P.S.- I made this...
endless stacks of unread magazines finally located in one big basket
packing for NYC
taking deep breaths
James Franco
making my own choices
endless visualization & preparation for Miss USA 2011 ...as Miley says it "Ain't about how fast I get there, Aint' about what's waiting on the other side, it's the climb."

What do you love?  Please shout & share. Express your gratitude.

harmony & cotton candy,

by the way... you are SO adored by me. 


How To Be An Organization Goddess

Perhaps no one has all of the answers to organization, but I have found a method that works for me....

Let me tell you about my lifeline... It's blanketed in smooth leather, dressed in a regal hue, and the guts contain the guts of my reality. I have adorned it with stickers, quotes, tabs and magic and have kept it by my side for the past nine months.  

Yes, I have as much of an obsession with my Filofax as most people have with their tail wagging pooches...

So here is why it's so magical....

 For starters it keeps everything I need bundled up in its smooth fabulous leather.

When I open it I am immediately hit with a slap of joy and a motivational quote [stickers and Mod Podge make me sublimely craft happy].

Behind that is a nifty little clear pocket that I keep my monthly goals in. On the back I have my mantras & affirmations (pure goodness).

Next up... An entire section devoted entirely to my goals & resolutions for 2011. [!!!]

 To follow that I have created tabs to keep up with the important elements of my life. 

Now we have the real meat of the organization.... the diary. I have a month on two pages and then the weekly section with a week on one page. I love it this way. You can customize it the way you want it, isn't that magnificent?!

Being the dork that I am I have a slight (or perhaps rather serious) addiction to office supplies. I constructed this convenient section for all of my organizational needs with a sweet zipper pocket perfect for stamps, return address labels and Southwest drink coupons. Ah sigh.... 

I adore this pen my momma gave me for Christmas. I feel like such an adult when I whip it out.

Mustn't forget my perfect pink Moleskine that Sarah gave me. I'm such a doodle-doer, list freak & quote document-er so this is PERFECT for me. It's the most ideal location for anything you could ever imagine; favorite wines, love letters to yourself [or your lover who doesn't even know it yet], book suggestions and quotes from your girls trip to Vegas.

Call me a freak. Call me a dork. Call me just plain boring. I'll accept it all for the love of this divine little possession. I love it, and I have molded it into the perfect assistant. How else would I be able to keep up with the four-year-olds, red carpet events, and charm of my little New Mexican life?

do-si-dos and tiptoes,