The World Could Use More: Rochelle Tolls

Who's Rochelle Toll. My mom. That's who.
Aren't mums the best? Yep. Especially my mum....

she loves her BFF

Lemme keep it short and sweet:

she's beayouuuuteful
she's brilliant & smart & you can't get anything past her (don't worry, I tried around 15-17)
she's once owned a magical boutique in Las Cruces, NM that all the ladies were mad for
she loves me for me, which is rather neat
she raised 3 kiddos on her own & later with the help of s sublime man name Tom
she gave me the initials B.A.T <3
she's wicked stylish & I'm incredibly jealous
she's a master with her BlackBerry
she reads more books than me! (woah!)
she's incredibly neat & organized.... almost a hair past crazy :)
she has worn her hair in an adorable stylish ponytail almost every single day I have known her
she introduced me to one of my first loves: cats
she's OBSESSED with Tim McGraw & has seen him in concert 11 times & has met him once & framed the picture, made a clock with the picture, a watch with the picture & a coffee mug with the picture. Uh huh. OBSESSED.
she always smells heavenly
she has chewed Nicorette gum every day for the past 14 years
she is the BEST gift giver I have ever known. seriously.
& with that, she is the BEST gift wrapper I have ever known.... the woman's got skillz ya'll
she gifted me with a fabulous metabolism (thank you forever!!)
did I mention she's stylish? I still borrow her clothes....yea... you'll see me in them at Miss USA ;) 
she's incredibly loving and sweet 
she's the furthest thing from a pageant mom
she knows what she wants & she goes for it
she taught me everything I know

back in November of 2004 when I was a tennie-beanie
She might be my complete opposite but she's the most perfect mom a girl could have ever wanted. She's embodies all women & moms as magical, divine, gorgeous, & selfless as they come.

she makes me Happy Brittany
She's the greatest of all time. 

"Hi mom!"


  1. You are a mother's dream!! I love you and are so proud of you...even after the "Tim McGraw" comment...do you really think I'm obsessed???

  2. Hahaha there is nothing wrong with that! :)

  3. I LOVE it Brit! Nice job! I am happy to say I knew most of the thgs you had to say about Shel already! She is awesome! Now I want to do one about my Mom too! Soooo cute! Great job! ;)

  4. Hi Brit-Your mom sent this to me. Made me cry. I too can say I have been around to witness all of these things and am also very jealous about her sense of style. Thank God for camera phones. I send pictures to my "fashion consultant" before I buy anything! ha Can't wait to see you in Vegas!

  5. Aw look at this, my momma is so wonderful & everyone knows it. I am so lucky!!! :)

    Can't wait for Vegas either! You have no idea how pumped up I am about it!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. So excited that you are coming Teri!

  7. This was so beautifully written. I'm sure your mom is super proud of you. As are all of us.

  8. Muah!!!! Love you and your amazing mama!