Blog Spotlight: Arantha's Gourmet Beauty

I am always humbled by the invitation from other bloggers to share my voice with their readers. In this case, the lovely beauty guru Arantha from http://aranthasgourmetbeauty.com/ invited me to share all things BRITTANY, from my apartment, to my healthy eating tips to my favorite beauty products. She does a wonderful job understanding her guests and asking meaningful questions that her readers would be interested in. Check out my interview here

In addition to this, Arantha has a whole stock of delicious beauty reads, happy thoughts, and healthy tips. I love her Happy Thoughts posts and I wouldn't be the girl I am if I wasn't completely obsessed with all things "beauty" like her lip balm reviews. Check her out folks, you surely will not be disappointed. :)

I have lots on my mind, lots to share, and lots to learn. See you soon....


6 Word Story

What's your story, in 6 words? 

"She wakes up to make change." -B

get down wit cho bad self,