free joy

Translate your thoughts into 12-year-old-AOLer "THES SI MAZNG AND MAEKS ME INCR3DIBLEY HAPY!!!!!!!1 OMG LOL"  hahahahaha. Oh boy, procrastination found a new friend.

Play the "Kid's Folk Music" radio station on Pandora. I just adore.

Create a legitimate "pen pal" relationship with someone. I have two!
The challenge was to include a picture that had me
+ the colors black, blue, orange and green.

Appoint a notebook to be used for gratitude. Every night or morning I write what I am grateful for. Sometimes I write lists. Sometimes I write it in letter form, like a thank you card. Sometimes I write it in future tense, thankful for things I want. I do what feels best or most appropriate for my mood. I love doing this.

Become a BIG with Big Brothers Big Sisters. I did this for a year before my little moved away and it was really a ton of fun. I loved just putting my "to do" list on hold and spending time with my little. Plus, it gave me a pretty darn good excuse to eat a double scoop ice cream cone or watch movies like "The Last Song.".

Write a limerick. Since St. Patrick's Day is around the corner:
Today I forgot to wear green,
Luckily I'm known as a queen.
A wardrobe unprepared,
Yet no one even cared.
Guess next time I'll wear tangerine!

Initiate an impromptu dance party, in your kitchen, bedroom, or living room. Throw your arms around, jump, twirl, fluff your hair, do what you want, no one cares. I once got so wild that just from the strength of my flailing arms I did this to a bulb on a string of lights in my room:
I'm still fining little chunks of blue glass in hidden spaces

Light a candle. Now that wasn't that hard was it? Plus, who doesn't like striking a match? Double joy.

Go to a cell phone store and "prank text" using the display phone because... guess what?? Yea, they really work, with real phone numbers! So awesome. Don't worry, I've been on the receiving end of this prank plenty of times and it's hilarious.

Wash your sheets. So this may or may not be "free" depending on your washing machine situation but regardless if you have to take your toosh to your friendly neighborhood laundromat it's still like dirt cheap. OooOh my gosh what's more amazing than crawling into a bed draped in fresh linens? Go for the bonus and shave your legs.

Get lost.

Smile at someone totally random. Make an effort to give at least one compliment to someone each day. Write a thank you card to someone for any ole reason. Feeling joyful yet?!

If you live in New Mexico (like me!!! I'm so LUCKY!!!) then it's guaranteed that every evening you will be able to admire some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Take full advantage wherever you are.

Hula hoop

Make the choice to stop complaining. Forever. No one is perfect, but what matters most is the path we take and the efforts we make.  Complaining is like poison for you and others around you. Oh, and so is gossip. Do it for yourself and enjoy the feelings.

Watch this ...and it's even better with the "Kid's Folk Music" station on in the background. :)

root beer floats & love boats


Ms. Toll's Tales

What happens when I document my students:

Ms. Toll: Ethan, what does "N" say
Ethan: "ding-dong"

Ms. Toll: Does anyone know who Barack Obama is?
Ammeriah: He's that guy from Oklahoma.

Robert to his aunt pointing at me as he walks by: "That's my Ms. Toll"

Amena to a student who is apparently eating glue: Don't put glue in your mouth, you will die.

Dale: When I grow up I'm going to be a jet pilot in the Navy! And a carpet seller (nodding matter-of-factly)!

Nora: Ms. Toll, I almost pee'd my pants!

Ms. Toll pointing to a picture of a semi-truck (mind you it's just a semi-truck against a white background): What is this?
Two students in unison: Traffic
---Ah, you've been on I-40?

Elijah: I can't go to college, it's too big, and far.
Ms. Toll: But you can go wherever you like, you can go to a college that is near Disneyland!
Elijah: (Turns to Antonio) "Oh, I like Disneyland"

While "Under The Sea" is playing during the root beer float party:
Dale: This is the crab! He has a good voice, I like it! It makes for good music.

 Aren't they cute?


Y because i love U

I'm so humbled that anything I could write or say would be able to inspire people. I appreciate more than anything the opportunity I have on my shoulders right now to reach out and influence a variety of people in a variety of ways. The main goal of this blog was simply to do just that. I am overwhelmed by the amount of positive responses I have received from others. I never would  have imagined that I would be capable of making this type of impact.

So... the blog gives me stats on sources that are directing people to my blog, and one source that has been showing up frequently sparked some curiosity, it was- www.greekchat.com, so I checked it out. It's a forum for Greeks to communicate and chat on. I had never heard of it until today, and then I saw this:

WOAH! [!!!] I have no idea who this person is or what drove her to say such wonderful things about me. She had no reason or intention other than simply to pride me (she is not even a Zeta!). I'm touched and inspired by the support and kindness of others, even complete strangers, and not to mention flattered by her incredibly kind words.

FloridaPearl, whoever you are, thank you for empowering me and reminding me why I love doing what I do and why I am constantly striving to seek and understand the value of the world around me. And thank you for the random act of kindness.... I'll be sure to pay it forward.

Thank you to everyone who has inspired me to share my adventures in teaching, experiences as Miss New Mexico USA, and journey towards self-reflection & love. I love you all more than I'll ever be able to articulate.

Love Notes & Lollipops,


Book & Song & Body

3 treats for a sweet life....

"of Thee I Sing" -Barack Obama
I read this to my students on Friday in celebration of President's Day this past Monday and it's amazing. Beautifully written and so many key role models. Perfect for my classroom, every student found a hero to relate to. Not to mention, extremely aligned with our class culture and mindsets that I have worked so hard to instill on their little bubblegum brains. I keep referring back to it for inspiration as I continue to prepare my journey for Miss USA.

"Tonight Tonight" Hot Chelle Rae ....talk about feel good. Just discovered this song when I was out in LA and made a serious mental effort to etch the name into my brain for downloading, which of course was top priority upon my arrival back to New Mex. Don't ask me if I've unpacked yet though, because I still haven't unpacked from San Antonio either (which was the last weekend in January).

Eye Lift Synergy Because I prevent now [24] what I don't want to deal with then [44]. But before you go splurging on this magical potion best be sure you are first & foremost starting with the ole cheap and convenient SPF.

I love you all more than coconut chips (and those are divine)...
Toodles & Poodles,

Ocean Side


Let my feet kiss every step at the Santa Monica steps 14 times total.
Made a pact with my sister/best friend.
Became a runway goddess.
Discovered a variety of new talents.
Indulged in blood orange Pinkberry topped with chocolate chips, blueberries and coconut shreds.
Wrote "NM" in the sand.
Slept in past 8am, didn't hear this baby once (bee tee double-U it's on SALE now. jealous)!
Transformed my mindset.
Let go of baggage.
Believed in my power.
Collected endless notes.
Shared my inspirational book lists.
Purchased and read: Time, Real Simple, People Style Watch, Newsweek, InStyle and Sports Illustrated all in one sitting.
Toughed up during major rain turbulence (oyy).
Spent too much money on bath products... OMG... OOO baby... Addiction & A MUST HAVE (treat yourself and thank me later)
Received an "I love you" from a man on a bike (as did everyone else walking the coast).
Allowed sea foam and sand to occupy the remaining space in my Reebok's
Devoured delicious protein shakes by Jill.
Inspired a bagel bar complete with Nutella, strawberry cream cheese, peanut butter, reg. cream cheese and cinnamon & raisin bagels.
Soaked up sunshine.
Played princess with a princess.
Treasured the selflessness and generosity of others.
Kept a watchful eye out for Justin Bieber.
Spent valuable quality time with New Mexican beauties.
Found an old childhood favorite.
Made a friend on the plane.
Broke one glass.
Arranged moving plans.
Enjoyed my new goodies courtesy of Shanna Moakler (magic in a tube?!).
Talked, laughed, loved, and sparkled.

Thank you Obama and the 43 glorious men before you for this fabulous President's day treat in Southern California.

Love, Learning, and Tutus -B


The Grateful Enjoyment List

Valentine cards in the mail on the 17th may be even better than the 14th. Petroleum jelly with glitter on my dry cuticles (and the glitter serving no purpose but to fancy me). Laffy Taffy, the bitter kind. Julia washing all of my dishes 2 days in a row. Sharing the music tastes of my 4-year-old students. Phone calls with my new personal trainer who is "inspired" by ME! A new book of stamps featuring the King & Queen of hearts, adorable. The joy of giving my students "ROCK STAR" stickers. Job ideas in South Dakota (whhaaatt??). Toasty toes. Spelling out my mother's birthplace on my passport application... Wurzburg, Germany. Oooh and filling out a passport application, oh the possibilities. Breakthroughs with one of my students. Cucumbers with lemon and salt (yumzzz). Handwritten letters in the mail. Wearing my hood, with all of my hair dangling out the front as the wind blows it across my face in every which way and the warm sun accompanied by the harsh sting. Snacking on Julia's shredded coconut which is much better than my shredded coconut & researching the benefits of coconut (do it!). 13 hour block schedule (yep, today). Working the concession stand for 4 hours at the Rocky View Basketball Tournament and selling a rainbow of Ring Pops to bright eyed elementary students. Brushing my teeth at the end of a long day. The frog sticker stuck on my laptop that reads "YOU ARE RIBBITING" from Ms. Zander. My imagination. The fearless brown rabbit that resides by my portable. Personal invitations to speak at "Miss Navajo Teen" (yes, he came to my classroom specifically). Writing love notes to everyone I can.

LoVe & MaGiC & MaDnEss & FlUff ---B


Radical Self Love

My vision of a person who is the epitome of a radical self lover....

"Someone who is an RSL warrior walks into a room and commands attention. She is confident and content. She can articulate how much she loves others because what she loves about others she can see inside of herself. She takes care of her body and works to improve her health and strength. She is incredibly grateful for all that she has and she makes it known any way that she can. She has a contagious personality that attracts a variety of people to her, which allows her to surround herself with amazing friends and supporters. She is not afraid to laugh, or even cry, when she feels like it. She never complains and she has nothing but the most positive thoughts swimming through her mind. She radiates love that others can feel. She sets her mind on what she wants and she takes strides to get there. She knows how to laugh at herself and learn from her mistakes. She positively impacts and influences others, even when she doesn't even know it. Her words are kind and sincere and always a beautiful gift. She does not allow things that don't matter to affect her life or the lives of others. She handles all situations with grace, class, and a touch of humor. She takes every opportunity she can to learn from her experiences and other individuals. She recognizes that nothing is perfect and in fact perfect is boring."

What does radical self love look like to you?

my daily reminder

vision boards are for RSL warriors

Peace, Love, and Doodles.... B


Hello World.

Back to New Mexico....

January was full of wild magical adventures. I spent a weekend in Vegas working on the PERFECT gown for Miss USA (and yep, stuck with the color choice that my students wanted me to wear). I then went off to Virginia for a camping/retreat for Miss USA state titleholders, wicked awesome time (props to Miss Oregon USA's boyfriend for being such a great sport when I prank called him... with the permission of Oregon of course) and amazing (AH-MAZING) girls who I can't wait to see again at Miss USA (or maybe sooner Miss Montana USA??). Then I was in Fredericksburg, Texas (ya'll) for Jenna Hardin's (Miss New Mexico 2004) wedding, which was amazing (and I'm definitely planning on wearing my bridesmaid dress again!!).

Now it's time for February, or as I have chosen to re-name it "Cleansuary." My favorite blogger Gala (check her out!!!) said something that made so much sense.... Gala says that with the chaos of December and the holidays it's really difficult to take some time and focus in on your goals for the new year. She recommends using January to hash all of it out in a thoughtful and reflective way so that you can really tune into what you want to do and create in the magical year before you. Well I can say, January certainly provoked a lot of self-reflection. I learned a ton (A TON) of very unique lessons, and I reflected on myself in a way that I have been able to before. I am so ready for the newest, most spectacular chapter of my life.  

Cleansuary?? I'm doing a 21-day detox (staring today... EEK!). And no, not 'cause I'm a crazy pageant girl trying to lose weight (don't you dare call me a "pageant girl"), but simply, I'm a 24-year-old ready to clear her mind and body of the toxins that have been confined inside. Not just by candy bars, smog, and plastics (yuck!) but even by the nonsense that I have allowed myself to believe either about me or the path I have chosen to embark on. I'm following a program called the "Clean Program." I read the book (Amazon baby, Kindle edition available too!) and ordered the kit and I'm ready to go full force. It's not just about the food I eat though, it's about the clarity I am seeking on my mind and the greater understanding of myself that I am dusting off. That's why I decided to do it. Check it out.

Here is what I am loving right now:
Jason Derulo CD, iTunes sale, HOLLA! (What? It's a good CD ok!?! I cleaned my house to it.)
Frosted Cupcake candle from Bath & Body Works
Good Earth Sweet & Spicy Tea
"You Don't Know Jacques!" nail polish from OPI
"Rosi Flo's" coloring book
Rather Sweet (put that place on your bucket list this instant!)
Modgepodge + Glitter = one beauuutiful hot pink binder
Radical Self Love by Gala & having a hot pink heart on my left hand all month long!
Pinterest (addicted!!!!)
3 snow days in a row & endless movie vegging with the roommate & sleeeppoooovers!!!!
Sweet dreams..... 
Ever-evolving new year's resolutions
Handwritten notes full of positive thoughts and energy (or even simple texts) ..."Go Brittany!"
Adopting my newest theme song
Mac Lip color "Shy Girl" (did they name it after me??)
Oh, and I am dying to go tree camping....

 I'm random..... thanks for tuning in....

Ta Ta For Now. B