Book & Song & Body

3 treats for a sweet life....

"of Thee I Sing" -Barack Obama
I read this to my students on Friday in celebration of President's Day this past Monday and it's amazing. Beautifully written and so many key role models. Perfect for my classroom, every student found a hero to relate to. Not to mention, extremely aligned with our class culture and mindsets that I have worked so hard to instill on their little bubblegum brains. I keep referring back to it for inspiration as I continue to prepare my journey for Miss USA.

"Tonight Tonight" Hot Chelle Rae ....talk about feel good. Just discovered this song when I was out in LA and made a serious mental effort to etch the name into my brain for downloading, which of course was top priority upon my arrival back to New Mex. Don't ask me if I've unpacked yet though, because I still haven't unpacked from San Antonio either (which was the last weekend in January).

Eye Lift Synergy Because I prevent now [24] what I don't want to deal with then [44]. But before you go splurging on this magical potion best be sure you are first & foremost starting with the ole cheap and convenient SPF.

I love you all more than coconut chips (and those are divine)...
Toodles & Poodles,

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