free joy

Translate your thoughts into 12-year-old-AOLer "THES SI MAZNG AND MAEKS ME INCR3DIBLEY HAPY!!!!!!!1 OMG LOL"  hahahahaha. Oh boy, procrastination found a new friend.

Play the "Kid's Folk Music" radio station on Pandora. I just adore.

Create a legitimate "pen pal" relationship with someone. I have two!
The challenge was to include a picture that had me
+ the colors black, blue, orange and green.

Appoint a notebook to be used for gratitude. Every night or morning I write what I am grateful for. Sometimes I write lists. Sometimes I write it in letter form, like a thank you card. Sometimes I write it in future tense, thankful for things I want. I do what feels best or most appropriate for my mood. I love doing this.

Become a BIG with Big Brothers Big Sisters. I did this for a year before my little moved away and it was really a ton of fun. I loved just putting my "to do" list on hold and spending time with my little. Plus, it gave me a pretty darn good excuse to eat a double scoop ice cream cone or watch movies like "The Last Song.".

Write a limerick. Since St. Patrick's Day is around the corner:
Today I forgot to wear green,
Luckily I'm known as a queen.
A wardrobe unprepared,
Yet no one even cared.
Guess next time I'll wear tangerine!

Initiate an impromptu dance party, in your kitchen, bedroom, or living room. Throw your arms around, jump, twirl, fluff your hair, do what you want, no one cares. I once got so wild that just from the strength of my flailing arms I did this to a bulb on a string of lights in my room:
I'm still fining little chunks of blue glass in hidden spaces

Light a candle. Now that wasn't that hard was it? Plus, who doesn't like striking a match? Double joy.

Go to a cell phone store and "prank text" using the display phone because... guess what?? Yea, they really work, with real phone numbers! So awesome. Don't worry, I've been on the receiving end of this prank plenty of times and it's hilarious.

Wash your sheets. So this may or may not be "free" depending on your washing machine situation but regardless if you have to take your toosh to your friendly neighborhood laundromat it's still like dirt cheap. OooOh my gosh what's more amazing than crawling into a bed draped in fresh linens? Go for the bonus and shave your legs.

Get lost.

Smile at someone totally random. Make an effort to give at least one compliment to someone each day. Write a thank you card to someone for any ole reason. Feeling joyful yet?!

If you live in New Mexico (like me!!! I'm so LUCKY!!!) then it's guaranteed that every evening you will be able to admire some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Take full advantage wherever you are.

Hula hoop

Make the choice to stop complaining. Forever. No one is perfect, but what matters most is the path we take and the efforts we make.  Complaining is like poison for you and others around you. Oh, and so is gossip. Do it for yourself and enjoy the feelings.

Watch this ...and it's even better with the "Kid's Folk Music" station on in the background. :)

root beer floats & love boats


  1. love those amanda cherie photos how do i get a print of them? ps love the blog:)

  2. OOh I don't know! Google? Thank you!!!

  3. You are just a girl after my own heart. I seriously adore you. -Amanda D