Radical Self Love

My vision of a person who is the epitome of a radical self lover....

"Someone who is an RSL warrior walks into a room and commands attention. She is confident and content. She can articulate how much she loves others because what she loves about others she can see inside of herself. She takes care of her body and works to improve her health and strength. She is incredibly grateful for all that she has and she makes it known any way that she can. She has a contagious personality that attracts a variety of people to her, which allows her to surround herself with amazing friends and supporters. She is not afraid to laugh, or even cry, when she feels like it. She never complains and she has nothing but the most positive thoughts swimming through her mind. She radiates love that others can feel. She sets her mind on what she wants and she takes strides to get there. She knows how to laugh at herself and learn from her mistakes. She positively impacts and influences others, even when she doesn't even know it. Her words are kind and sincere and always a beautiful gift. She does not allow things that don't matter to affect her life or the lives of others. She handles all situations with grace, class, and a touch of humor. She takes every opportunity she can to learn from her experiences and other individuals. She recognizes that nothing is perfect and in fact perfect is boring."

What does radical self love look like to you?

my daily reminder

vision boards are for RSL warriors

Peace, Love, and Doodles.... B


  1. Wow~ truly amazing! I copied this into my new organizing planner (I too am an office supply junkie) how encouraging! Reminds me of a modern day Proverbs 31 ! simply delightful-you are such a doll I'm praying for you to represent us as Miss USA ! Only a few weeks left! But you have already so strongly influenced many, myself inlcuded! Bless you!

  2. Thank you Brittany, wow, I am so touched by your kind words. Thank you so much for the support, and yes, you are so right, I am so blessed. Thank you!