Hello World.

Back to New Mexico....

January was full of wild magical adventures. I spent a weekend in Vegas working on the PERFECT gown for Miss USA (and yep, stuck with the color choice that my students wanted me to wear). I then went off to Virginia for a camping/retreat for Miss USA state titleholders, wicked awesome time (props to Miss Oregon USA's boyfriend for being such a great sport when I prank called him... with the permission of Oregon of course) and amazing (AH-MAZING) girls who I can't wait to see again at Miss USA (or maybe sooner Miss Montana USA??). Then I was in Fredericksburg, Texas (ya'll) for Jenna Hardin's (Miss New Mexico 2004) wedding, which was amazing (and I'm definitely planning on wearing my bridesmaid dress again!!).

Now it's time for February, or as I have chosen to re-name it "Cleansuary." My favorite blogger Gala (check her out!!!) said something that made so much sense.... Gala says that with the chaos of December and the holidays it's really difficult to take some time and focus in on your goals for the new year. She recommends using January to hash all of it out in a thoughtful and reflective way so that you can really tune into what you want to do and create in the magical year before you. Well I can say, January certainly provoked a lot of self-reflection. I learned a ton (A TON) of very unique lessons, and I reflected on myself in a way that I have been able to before. I am so ready for the newest, most spectacular chapter of my life.  

Cleansuary?? I'm doing a 21-day detox (staring today... EEK!). And no, not 'cause I'm a crazy pageant girl trying to lose weight (don't you dare call me a "pageant girl"), but simply, I'm a 24-year-old ready to clear her mind and body of the toxins that have been confined inside. Not just by candy bars, smog, and plastics (yuck!) but even by the nonsense that I have allowed myself to believe either about me or the path I have chosen to embark on. I'm following a program called the "Clean Program." I read the book (Amazon baby, Kindle edition available too!) and ordered the kit and I'm ready to go full force. It's not just about the food I eat though, it's about the clarity I am seeking on my mind and the greater understanding of myself that I am dusting off. That's why I decided to do it. Check it out.

Here is what I am loving right now:
Jason Derulo CD, iTunes sale, HOLLA! (What? It's a good CD ok!?! I cleaned my house to it.)
Frosted Cupcake candle from Bath & Body Works
Good Earth Sweet & Spicy Tea
"You Don't Know Jacques!" nail polish from OPI
"Rosi Flo's" coloring book
Rather Sweet (put that place on your bucket list this instant!)
Modgepodge + Glitter = one beauuutiful hot pink binder
Radical Self Love by Gala & having a hot pink heart on my left hand all month long!
Pinterest (addicted!!!!)
3 snow days in a row & endless movie vegging with the roommate & sleeeppoooovers!!!!
Sweet dreams..... 
Ever-evolving new year's resolutions
Handwritten notes full of positive thoughts and energy (or even simple texts) ..."Go Brittany!"
Adopting my newest theme song
Mac Lip color "Shy Girl" (did they name it after me??)
Oh, and I am dying to go tree camping....

 I'm random..... thanks for tuning in....

Ta Ta For Now. B

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