Till Death Do Us Part

(Aaron Snow Photography)
To celebrate the season of Valentine's Day, I'm savoring the most significant commitment I've ever made & received, the exchange of wedding vows with my forever Valentine.

PatI remember the first time I met you, I was instantly attracted to you. But it wouldn’t be until one year later that I would find myself running alongside you on those early Tulsa mornings, hoping you wouldn’t notice how red my face gets when I run, or how out-out-of-breath I become after attempting to keep up with you and talk at the same time. I knew it then as I know it now- you are my match. You are the most incredible human I know. Your passion for life, selfless heart, ability to bring sunshine with you everywhere you go, never-ending pursuit of adventure, humble brilliance, and love for animals and people make you the only man that is meant for me. 

You make me smile every day. You make me never want to be anywhere else but with you. You bring out the best in me and understand me in a way that I never thought I could be understood. Since our very first moments together there was an intangible synchronization between us that has only become stronger with time and will continue to evolve with our marriage. You’re the cat to my meow, the Thunder to my Up, the chips to my salsa, the filter to my picture, and the pulse to my heart.

I am eager to start our lives together as one from this moment forward. You can count on me to be your adventure co-pilot, your partner in parenthood, your Sunday football rally-mate, your ally in conflict, your honest fashion consultant, your toughest challenger, and the greatest fan of your life. I will grow, learn, and become the partner you deserve forever leaning on love, honesty, and joy as my backbone.

Pat- my best friend, my sous-chef, my role model, my puzzle piece, my better half, I take you to be my husband, till death do us part and beyond. The life we lead together is going to be the most beautiful life I could have ever imagined. 

BrittanyI could never convey how much I love you in a one minute - thirty second speech. Actually I could probably never fully express the extent of my love for you in our entire lifetime, even though I do promise to try my very best every single day of our lives. 
And so when words can’t truly explain how I feel, I hope you know that every large and little thing I do is an expression of my forever love for you. And I mean everything: 
From bringing you flowers when I pick you up at the airport, because I’m so thrilled to have you back.
Or when I call you “dude” or “bro”, I want you to know that it’s because you are forever my best friend in the whole world. 
When we long board together, know that there is nobody else in the universe I would ever want as my long board partner.
And when you put up with football season, and then basketball season, and then hockey season, which leads into the world cup, which becomes Frisbee season…I want you to know how forever appreciative I am of you. 
When things are challenging, for whatever reason (Or when you’ve had a rough day at work, or the cats keep you up all night), I am forever here to listen, and support you. 
And in adventures that are yet to come, like buying our first home, or starting a family…I am forever with you and by your side in all things.  
Brittany, I can’t even tell you how happy I am right now and how happy you make me all the time. I promise to do everything in my power to make you equally as happy.
I am forever in love with you. I am forever yours. I am so excited for the rest of our lives together. 

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Taking Action


My Etsy site is officially up and started. As of now I started with my font- but will soon have custom and hand crafted couple art, invitation designs, wedding goods and branding materials.

I have been knee deep in online Etsy learning modules, Esty ins-and-outs books and resources, and soaking up knowledge from existing Etsy rockstars. I am so thankful for a community of creative souls who share, support and inspire.

You can access my Etsy site by visiting the "SHOP" tab at the top. I hope to get to work with you soon (or again if I already have!).

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Another new name. "Bow and Ink" just wasn't connecting so hello brittanyviklund.com. I'm slowly but surely getting things up and running, but I am so very excited for what is in store.

Speaking of store, soon when you click "shop" there will be an actually "shop" for you to, you guessed it, shop.

Thanks for the encouragement, requests, & plain ole' LOVE-