Ocean Side


Let my feet kiss every step at the Santa Monica steps 14 times total.
Made a pact with my sister/best friend.
Became a runway goddess.
Discovered a variety of new talents.
Indulged in blood orange Pinkberry topped with chocolate chips, blueberries and coconut shreds.
Wrote "NM" in the sand.
Slept in past 8am, didn't hear this baby once (bee tee double-U it's on SALE now. jealous)!
Transformed my mindset.
Let go of baggage.
Believed in my power.
Collected endless notes.
Shared my inspirational book lists.
Purchased and read: Time, Real Simple, People Style Watch, Newsweek, InStyle and Sports Illustrated all in one sitting.
Toughed up during major rain turbulence (oyy).
Spent too much money on bath products... OMG... OOO baby... Addiction & A MUST HAVE (treat yourself and thank me later)
Received an "I love you" from a man on a bike (as did everyone else walking the coast).
Allowed sea foam and sand to occupy the remaining space in my Reebok's
Devoured delicious protein shakes by Jill.
Inspired a bagel bar complete with Nutella, strawberry cream cheese, peanut butter, reg. cream cheese and cinnamon & raisin bagels.
Soaked up sunshine.
Played princess with a princess.
Treasured the selflessness and generosity of others.
Kept a watchful eye out for Justin Bieber.
Spent valuable quality time with New Mexican beauties.
Found an old childhood favorite.
Made a friend on the plane.
Broke one glass.
Arranged moving plans.
Enjoyed my new goodies courtesy of Shanna Moakler (magic in a tube?!).
Talked, laughed, loved, and sparkled.

Thank you Obama and the 43 glorious men before you for this fabulous President's day treat in Southern California.

Love, Learning, and Tutus -B

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