The Grateful Enjoyment List

Valentine cards in the mail on the 17th may be even better than the 14th. Petroleum jelly with glitter on my dry cuticles (and the glitter serving no purpose but to fancy me). Laffy Taffy, the bitter kind. Julia washing all of my dishes 2 days in a row. Sharing the music tastes of my 4-year-old students. Phone calls with my new personal trainer who is "inspired" by ME! A new book of stamps featuring the King & Queen of hearts, adorable. The joy of giving my students "ROCK STAR" stickers. Job ideas in South Dakota (whhaaatt??). Toasty toes. Spelling out my mother's birthplace on my passport application... Wurzburg, Germany. Oooh and filling out a passport application, oh the possibilities. Breakthroughs with one of my students. Cucumbers with lemon and salt (yumzzz). Handwritten letters in the mail. Wearing my hood, with all of my hair dangling out the front as the wind blows it across my face in every which way and the warm sun accompanied by the harsh sting. Snacking on Julia's shredded coconut which is much better than my shredded coconut & researching the benefits of coconut (do it!). 13 hour block schedule (yep, today). Working the concession stand for 4 hours at the Rocky View Basketball Tournament and selling a rainbow of Ring Pops to bright eyed elementary students. Brushing my teeth at the end of a long day. The frog sticker stuck on my laptop that reads "YOU ARE RIBBITING" from Ms. Zander. My imagination. The fearless brown rabbit that resides by my portable. Personal invitations to speak at "Miss Navajo Teen" (yes, he came to my classroom specifically). Writing love notes to everyone I can.

LoVe & MaGiC & MaDnEss & FlUff ---B

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