I'm gratefully enjoying....


Making the decision each night before bed as to what emotional intention I will strive for the next day.  My roommate Julia and I have made a new ritual of doing this nightly and it's fabulous. We post a note to ourselves on the bathroom mirror to reflect on and commit to as soon as we wake up. I especially loved when she sent one of her 5th grade students down to my classroom today with a note that read: "Thanks for the markers and cereal, they added peace to my day!".... since today our emotional intention was peace. I was first introduced to this this from the book "28 Days to a More Magnetic Life" which I have read a few times, and am currently reading again. I absolutely love this book. This is one of my favorite lessons, it truly helps me refine my emotional control.

The integration of Zumba moves into my daily routine.... **brushing teeth** [BOOOOM!! BOOOM!! BOOM!!]

My cheerful & positive trainer and her adorable Austrian accent "Oh my gosh girl, you have to tell me as soon as the tickets go on sale because all of my girlfriends want to go!"  or "I could probably make you do 500 squats and you would still have a smile on your face, you're too easy!" I LOVE her.

Scheduling time to sprinkle my nails with my favorite Poly*Flake glitter. I have NEVER seen anything so magnificently sparkly in my life.

The sweetest & most encouraging notes & comments from: Julia, Molly, Sarah, Belia, Brit W, Kristin, Amanda, & Britana about my blog. I have some rockstar peeps. Thank you... you fabulous gems!

Adopting the left over bananas from pre-k snack time that are a day past mush and then freezing them for my protein shakes. I saved the bananas!!! [Anyone else out there hear Gwen Stefani in their head when they write bananas?]

When the sweetest teacher at Rocky View Elementary, Mr. Paul, approaches me and says "You know, if I were as pretty as you I would get out of here and go model for Sears, or Penny's" My heart instantly melted into a puddle. HUGE SMILE & MAJOR BLUSHING ACTION.

Lush "Love Birds" soap and my green exfoliating gloves = heavenly... & even better if you melt the "Shimmy Shimmy Sparkle Bar" all over you.

Sweet texts that simply say "Have a good day today!"

Singing "I Hope You Dance" with my students. I love this song. I love my kids. I love how it never fails that Amon & Ammeriah instantly gravitate by my side to hold my hands... and then the rest of the class follows suit. Um, I.Love.Them.

My *RaInBoW* Zumba bracelet that I got last night at my first ever Zumba class (HIGHLY recommend). Oh baby I feel sassy.

The nostalgic feeling towards my Bubblegum Lip Smacker that my sweet roommate gave me. *WARNING! Do not wash or dry with laundry.* My roommate Julia unfortunately learned the hard way with the Strawberry Banana [GWEN??] Lip Smacker.

Absorbing the positive energy and direction from my 2 vision boards.

Crafting the ULTIMATE morning iTunes playlist so that I can hop out of bed, embrace the day, and dance while I put on my mascara. Playlist to include, but not limited to:
One Time- Justin Bieber
Life is a Highway- Tom Cochrane
Magic- B.o.B
Livin' la Vida Loca- Ricky Martin
Unstoppable (Olympics Mix)- Rascal Flatts
Put Your Records On- Corinne Bailey Rae
(I would love to hear some more suggestions too.... email 'em to brittanytoll@live.com or Facebook me... Muchos gracias in advance!)

That's what I'm grateful to be enjoying right now.... how about you?

lavender, lemon-aid, and libraries,

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