Empire State of Mind

Greetings From:

What do I love about NYC? Everything. 

During my magical trip I:
Mastered my "Brooklyn accent" oh my gosh I'm really good now. I was very productive with my time on the train. One more fabulous talent to add to my list of "accent abilities."

Added "learn to play the harp & travel to Brittany" to my bucket list.

"Floated" in the Newark, NJ St. Patrick's Day Parade and was confused for 1.) Miss New Jersey (the "New" made things a bit tricky) & 2.) Miss Mexico (I WISH!).

Dined at Justin Timberlake's restaurant Southern Hospitality and was treated like royalty thanks to my fabulous friend Gloria.

Made my feet angry for long days of walking in high heels, but I loved it.

Strategically planned routs in order to walk around the grates that cover the sidewalks of NYC. I discovered a new fear. But I'm ready to conquer it... Seriously, how are people supposed to walk in heels over those things? I don't like 'em.

Listened to bagpipes.

Spent $15 and countless minutes in a photo booth with my adorable friend Justine Stringer...

Discovered my natural ability for pigeon calling.

Toured Miss New York USA 2011's incredible apartment & rooftop lounge.

Marched in the NYC St. Patrick's Day parade and had a blast soaking up the energy & pride of the crowd.

Had an appointment at Trump Tower.

Shared a taxi ride with my beautiful friend Gloria (former Miss New York USA & Miss New York Teen USA) after a fabulous dinner with her & Allison (former Miss Massachusetts USA & Miss Massachusetts Teen USA from my Teen USA year).

Brainstormed more ideas for my next "Goddess" post... it's gonna be a good one!!!

Spent every night in NYC with a dead phone thanks to my Palm Pre's AWFUL battery life.

Wore red lipstick!!...

Grew my mental visions beyond articulation (ahhhh!!!).

Packed one [1] brown boot & one [1] black boot, forcing me to purchase these adorable Calvin Klein ankle boots at the Macy's sale for only $35 [!!!!!!]


Spent the night at Justine's adorable little apartment. I loved the taxi horn alarm clock.

Received a lovely serenade from a group of high school boys, my heart became a puddle of goo, it was fantastic.

Had "Happy Brittany" withdrawals.

Scarfed down a delicious falafal (mmmm baby!), garlic bagel, and cannoli.... not at the same time thank goodness.

Developed new relationships with AMAZING people, loved them all.

Missed New Mexico...

...but fell in love with the city and officially declare it my future home.

I belong in New York City.

 city lights & late nights,

Oh! And New Mexico still needs your lovely stars... give 'em HERE. Muchos gracias.


  1. I absolutely adore this blog. And you, obviously.

  2. :))) Well don;t even get me started on you! I adore you! Thanks for making my weekend PERFECT!