Book & Song & Body

Book: "The Four Agreements" by don Miguel Ruiz. This book is amazing, and such a fast read. The author identifies four agreements that if you commit to or strive to commit to you will be treated to a life without limits.  The agreements are simple, and something that everyone can benefit from. I want to read it again, and again. I have enjoyed these agreements and they have certainly started to transform me.

Song: **Now entering the judgment free zone**  ...Meaning, you may not judge me for what I'm about to admit, and if you fear that you may not be able to agree to my request then I suggest you do not proceed, but quite frankly you can judge me all you want 'cause I like it regardless.... Right now I'm currently obsessed with "Pretty Girl Rock" by Keri Hilson. I saw a few of the lines as a status on Facebook one night and I was intrigued. I Googled them, found the song, and happily gave $1.29 of my teacher's income to possess it. I listen to it non stop, whether I'm scrubbing endless amounts of dishes, cruising down Route 66 in my CR-V, or putting on mascara at 6:30am. I predict one day I may get extremely sick of it, but right now I love it, I love the feelings it brings, and that is that. Every girl should adopt this as her anthem.... at least for one morning play list or gym session.

Body: "Fancy a bit of slap and tickle?" I love my "Joy of Jelly Shower Jelly" from Lush. I'm so addicted to textures and this treat certainly does not disappoint. Just wait till you get one of these little babies in the palm of your hand. Oh my goodness and the smell, my OH my. I had one years ago that they no longer make in that fragrance but this one is much better. The next scent I plan on getting is "Sweetie Pie!" This soap is too much fun not to own.... I've been a sucker for products like this ever since I was 3 and spent countless hours in the tub. Ah. the joy of jelly.

broken rules & shiny jewels,

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