I still have a slight cold, but I'm doing much better.

I just got home from school, Parent/Teacher conferences all dang day long, and 36 of my 40 parents showed up. Long day. But I'm full of fry-bread and chili thanks to RVE.

Today I saw one of my 3rd grade after school boys and I just love him so much. He's one of my most favorite human beings in the world. When I saw him I asked him what he did with the haunted house we made last week out of milk cartons and he said "I put a candle in it" and I replied "Oh how creative of you!" and then he said "yeah, and then I gave it to my auntie." What a cutie.

My kids are doing so well, I love them so much and they are all learning so much. I loved hearing all of the positive things their parents had to say and how much they love school. I enjoyed doing report cards (even though it took for stinkin' ever) because I was able to really reflect and see how far the little critters have come in just 9 weeks. And how much more well behaved Larry is. How kick butt Kodi is at knowing his letter and letter sounds. How Oliverio and Nayeli speak so much English. They really all are such amazingly intelligent little beings.

This week:
-Pumpkin disecting
-Pumpkin bingo
-Pumpkin Town, The Ugly Pumpkin, Pumpkin Soup, The Haunted Ghoul House, 16 Runaway Pumpkins and several other delightfully festive books!
-Green Monster Gack
-Dancing to The Monster Mash, Thriller, Shake Your Bones, and other totally awesome spooky jams.

Snow on Wednesday.... oh crud.

Ta ta.

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