love love love.

I love, love, love my 3rd graders in the after school program. They are just awesome. I just felt the need to express that.

Last week Nico and Dominique were talking to each other about getting married. I asked Nico when him and Dominique were going to get married and he said "When we grow up!" I asked when that would be and he held up two little fingers and said "In two minutes." Ah, young love. Ha ha.

On Friday we had our Halloween party. I had covered up the board and the alphabet that we use to reveal a new letter every week so that we could have our "pin the nose on the pumpkin" game in that spot. Jonah walked in and was freaking out about the fact that the letters were gone, his mom had to assure him that it was okay, that the letters weren't really gone.

I love love love my job and hopefully can keep doing it for a looooong time.

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