On Friday Izabell came in and said "Ms. Toll close your eyes and hold out your hands!" So I did as she requested. She came over and put something in my hand and said "Okay now open your eyes Ms. Toll." It was a cardboard cut out of a My Little Pony character. She also held two other cartoon cutouts in her hand and told me "This one's for Nico and this one is for Isaiah." Oh my gosh it was so aweeesome. I taped it up on my walls and my day had officially been made at 7:25am. I have no idea why this was so special but it really was.

Later, we were talking about the letter D and words that begin with it. I was trying my hardest to come up with as many words as possible off the top of my head- by the 7th word I was struggling and so I said "diary." All the kids said "eeeewwww..." and I said "No you guys, not that!" and Nico chimed in "Yeah guys, not diarrhea!"

After centers the kids were crrraazzy! None of them had cleaned up their area and they were running all over (and trust me they totally know better). I had to give them a "sad face" on the board and then I told them that their behavior was unacceptable and only babies act like that. later Dominique came up and hugged me and said "I'm sorry we're babies Ms. Toll." Aw man, I felt so bad. I didn't mean it like that. :( But it was pretty sweet that she apologized (essentially) for her and her classmates behavior.

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