New Student.

I figured it would be no time before my school filled my one extra spot left vacant after Jessica moved away.... however I really did not prepare myself.... but maybe that is also because I had not been given even a minute warning.

Logan. Logan showed up at my door in his crisp khakis and Hawaiian style button down shirt. This kid was not afraid of the first day of school, or any of the 19 unfamiliar faces glaring back at him. He sat right down in the empty chair and immediately started talking to the other students. My assistants and I were really nervous. We have created such a great class culture and my students are learning so much, we figured it would take a lot of work to get Logan up to the same level as the other students. But he's a little angel. Full of character and jumped right into routine with no problem! He even knows most of the rules already! He also picked a good 1st day to come.... since it is Friday FUNday! We put shaving cream all over the tables to practice writing our letters and I read a Ms. Toll Favorite Friday book. I am really excited to have Logan in my class!

Oh the shaving cream. I don't think I have laughed so hard in quite a while. The students were dying of laughter as I shot shaving cream all over the tables. They loved it. Then when we had a race to see which table could make the shaving cream disappear by rubbing it in the fastest the roar of laughter began again. And now I have learned a valuable life tool..... you can wear a 4-year-old out by asking them to rapidly rub shaving cream into a table. Exhausting!

Favorite quote today comes from Donald. As we walked down the hall he looked up at me and said "Ms. Toll, I really like holding your hand."

I enjoyed a great ending to the day as Ms. Britney, Ms. Shelly (my assistants) and I cut out construction paper leaves for a project and talked about how we are all freakishly obsessed with scary movies. I love them both.

I get to see "Where the Wild Things Are" tonight and it has been months since I have gone to the movies.

Good day. Good night.

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