"Hey I know you...."

After being out of the classroom for 5 straight days (due to training sessions) it was a little difficult to slide right back in. But oh it was so nice to see their beautiful little faces.

Today the pre-kinders seemed to be a tad bit off, but who can blame them, so was I. It felt odd.

Since today was Monday then that meant it was time to reveal a new letter to the tiny smarties. I was going to reveal their 5th letter to them.

I don't expect them to know how to properly wipe their boogie dripping noses. I don't expect them to be able to reach the water fountain without using a chair for height. And I also don't expect them to remember that on Monday's we learn a new letter, I mean it's only the 5th letter, routine is a slow and steady process for them.... but oh how I need raise my expectations...

Seferino: "Ms. Toll, are we going to learn a new letter today?"
Me: "Yeeessss!! Of course we are going to learn a new letter today... do you want to??"
Seferino: "Yes I do. I don't like T anymore."
Me: "Oh, well, why? What did T do to you?"
Seferino: "It shot me in the head with a laser."
Me: "Oh, well then I can see why you don't like T then."

Try to disregard the last part of the conversation- they are creative and imaginative little beings that need to express the little worlds that revolve inside of their heads. But oh my goodness, they actually look forward to learning a new letter (or maybe it's just the fun drum roll they get to do before the reveal) and they manage to remember the previous letters! I am too proud of them.

I'll end with this quote:
"Hey, I remember you.... you're Ms. Toll!"

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