Lazy Girl Hair

The sun has made it's debut, so why sacrifice the opportunity to soak it up indoors styling your hair? As the temperature rises my beauty routine slims significantly. Thus I am reuinted with my go-to daily hair-do: 
After my experience with many different "bottled" versions of this effortless tress I've narrowed down my top two, and additionally concocted my very own version for a much more "wallet-approved" price. 

Beach Texture
1. Charlotte Ronson: A Perfect Mess Beach Hair. For this particular product it's mostly the smell that does it for me, it's absolutely divine. I use this one on both wet and dry hair though I've found the effects of this product to be more dramatic on dry hair. Oh, and did I mention how good it smells? Heavenly. 

2. Bumble and Bumble: Surf Spray. Same size bottle as #1 but a few bucks more. This product is more dramatic for me on wet hair (oddly enough). It smells like a day at the beach in a bottle (you wont find me complaining about that). The only reason I actually tried this one is because when I attempted to replenish my stock of #1 Sephora was temporarily out of it- but I was pleasantly surprised in the end.

3. Quick, Cheap, & Easy: Homemade. I sadly have no perfect recipe to offer you (but Google & Pinterest offer a plethora!). I just take an empty spray bottle, fill it 3/4 of the way with warm water, pour in some salt (my research informed me that sea salt is better but, eh, Morton is always in my company), and squeeze in some conditioner in my favorite scent (Amazing Grace, duh) and a squeeze of hair gel. Then I tighten the lid & shake it like a Polaroid picture. You can also add some lemon if you intend on gaining some highlights from the sun.... but I don't know what sort of expiration timeline that creates for the whole product (yuck, moldy lemon hair). 

Whichever you choose, 1, 2, or 3; simply spray it on your damp or dry hair, tousle it with your best hair tool (fingers!!!) & embrace the lazy girl hair style as you embrace even more time in the warm sun.

beach waves & sunny days, 


  1. Ah! My stylist keeps promising me that she will show me how to do my hair "naturally", but she always leaves me with a perfect, straight blow-out (which I certainly don't mind). Now I have something to try! <3

  2. Ew! Number three sounds like it would be very sticky and gunky-.-

    What I do is just put some sea salt in warm water and spritz, it works like a charm!

    Oh, also I had a friend whose natural hair color was brown and she tried lemon juice one summer. It doesn't work on people who don't have already naturally blonde hair! It turns their hair an atrocious crayon yellow/orange! My natural hair colors blonde and it made my hair platinum when I did it!(ok if you want to look like marilyn monroe otherwise yuck!) So I don't suggest the lemon juice, plus it dries your hair out!

    Xoxo Ariel

  3. I will have to give #3 a try. I use Surf Hair by Garnier.

  4. Awesome idea to make it at home! I'll have to try that. And I Amazing Grace is one of my favorite scents too. :) I love your blog and I started one one of my own last week! aranthasgourmetbeauty.wordpress.com.

  5. I mentioned you on my blog! I hope that's ok. Come have a look? http://joyfelicityjane.blogspot.fr/2012/04/stackable-resolutions.html xx

  6. I just bought #1 and I love it. My hair smelled delicious like the beach and made taking my final much easier and less stressful

  7. These are great products for my hair, I would love to give each a try, especially the third one. I hope it would turn out great because it is probably the cheapest amongst all. hair cutting classes