cinderella's bun

I'd like to introduce you to the sock bun, and all of it's wonder! I found out about this gem on Pinterest (surprise surprise!) and immediately needed to know more. So I Googled a simple YouTube video, and put my efforts into practice. I love to not only sport the bun, but also what happens when you sleep with the bun:


Yes, no joke, when I slept with it in my hair this was the morning result. I had to add my own tweaks to the routine though: I don't do it on wet or towel dried hair, I do it on dirty, dry hair. My hair is too thin and kinks too easily when wet. It also works on clean dry hair, but the results were a little better with dirty hair. None-the-less this is one of my new favorite lazy girl hair routines. 

Give it a try yourself:

more from me soon, that's a promise,


  1. Love it! As a busy Mommy. I love fast tricks like this!I can just roll out of bed, and volia! Hahaha

  2. Cute!!! I love your blog!!! :)