respond with love

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Sometimes things don't go the way we wanted them too. We lose something, we hurt a little bit, we experience confusion, frustration and so many other feelings. While it can always be tough to find the silver lining in all situations it is still true that something positive is always produced. This may be hard to find or identify right away but sure enough days, months and years down the road you look back to find that all things truly do happen for a reason and you are better for the tough times (one way or another). 

When I experience less-than-desired situations I find that I actually do become better for them. I try to seek opportunities for learning and growth as coping mechanisms to overcome less-than-favored feelings. The greatest revelation I've had recently is the act of responding with love. Of course I have always known this but I'm truly challenging myself to follow through and commit. I'll be the first to say it's not easy in any way but when I do respond with love it is incredibly gratifying and rewarding.

From this I've realized that we are all humans, we all make mistakes, and no one is immune to pain. By responding with love I accept that everyone is dealing with their own battles, both internally and externally, despite their actions. I also accept that just because I disagree with someone else’s actions doesn’t mean I should call the shots on what is right or wrong. I've learned that to be successful at responding with love one cannot only respond with love to others but should also respond with love to them self. 

I am admittingly the hardest person on myself. When something doesn't go my way I come down incredibly hard on myself. I seek answers and replay my actions over and over again. I immediately gravitate to regret rather than growth. This is how I've always been. Through this new experience of responding with love I find that I must love myself just as much as I love to love to others. So....I've started writing lists about all of the wonderful things about myself, my life, and my actions. I've stopped criticizing myself and loving my imperfections. I've started eating healthier and running more. I'm embracing who I am, not who I think I should be. I'm blogging more, reconnecting with my favorite people and making time to create art. I'm taking more opportunities and doing more of what I love. I'm pouring my heart into my work and reinvesting myself in it. I'm loving myself in any way that I can, the same way I would love any other person. I'm absolutely loving this. My hope is that the act of responding with love will become a natural habit and the more I learn to love myself the more love I'll have to give others. 

When we respond with love, in all situations, we can't ever do wrong, there is everything to gain and nothing to lose.

life is so complex, but beautiful for that reason-


  1. Lovely words, very inspiring.

  2. Well said! I needed to read this after a day like to day, more than I can ever tell you.

  3. you have the most amazing skin! what is your skin regime and any tips that you've learned being a beauty queen you'd love to share??