An Attitude of Gratitude

...little things that are making life sweeter right now.

When I woke up this morning I looked out my window to find a beautiful butterfly on my screen. I laid in my bed and watched it for a while. I really love butterflies, for so many reasons. The represent change, delicacy, strength, beauty, growth, nature & luck. What a beautiful way to start a day.


Other things that brightened my week:
Calling my mom on Mother's Day. Reconnecting with my creativity (this week we had to "craft" our "Story of Self" at work and I was excited by the opportunity to paint my life). Watching the Thunder destroy the Lakers on Monday. Obtaining a hand-me-down juicer (oh the possibilities!!). Playing field games with my corps members and watching them prance around in tie-dye unicorn shirts. Drawing in my Scribble Diary. Lounging poolside. Replenishing my stock of  pink Uni-Ball Signo pens. The fact that my new dark hair is naturally fading to create highlights. Long talks with old friends. Evening reflections that help provoke revelations and sweet dreams. A brand new Moleskine to fill up. My new velvety-blue sitting chair, perfect for enjoying a bowl of cereal in the morning. Afternoon Almond Joy breaks. Conversations with great teachers & administrators. Sunday movie night enjoying- Because I Said So and Marley & Me with Mike, Ryan, and Maile. Pushing myself to learn from all situations. Charging my Kindle so that I can download a new book. Evening runs along the river with Maile and acting like 6-year-olds when we spot glowing fireflies. Drinking Crush orange soda from a bottle. Documenting all the things that make me happy at the end of each day. 


gratitute is the way,


  1. I love reading people's gratitude lists, especially when they're punctuated with adorable photos like yours. :)

  2. Wonderful post, Brittany! I always love reading your positive words.

  3. You inspire me to be more grateful of the most usual things.

  4. this is such an uplifting post. thanks for this. we need more positive people in this world.