how i figured out my life goals in 15 minutes

figure 'em out. make it happen.

For the past year of my life I feel like I've been running around without any sense of direction or longing of purpose or life goals. I could speak generally to what I wanted but I was not making strategic choices & actions that were aligned to tangible wants and desires for my life. I've mostly been afraid of simply committing to any set of ambitions and feeling as if my goals would be carved in stone. I finally accepted that I needed to determine a set of goals or I would continue without direction as I have, which hasn't felt right. Additionally I've accepted that these goals could in fact change and will evolve into who I grow to be and what experiences further mold me, so they are not carved in stone.

Sure enough this was no tough feat, it only took me 4 steps and about 15 minutes. I now feel hella-good  about where I'm headed.... I dare you to give it a stab....

If you're an office supply nerd like me then step 1 is very important. To get into the zone I'm always motivated by a colorful new collection of papers and pens. Three things I absolutely needed for this activity were: bright neon construction paper, an assortment of Sharpie pens and a hot pink chisel-tip Sharpie (oh baby!). If this doesn't tickle your fancy then cheerfully move along to step 2. 

Next, with a big blank sheet of paper and a marker I went-to-town listing out all of the things I want to do in life, things that make me happy, and things I simply just love doing & feel like a rockstar about. I named this paper my Super Mad List of All the Things That I Want to Do in My Life. I tried not to worry about feeling silly or shallow. The idea was to write as many things as I possibly could and think of all of the things I have ever even considered wanting or doing (it helped to  have some happy beats playing in the background too).

Following that I took a big fat marker and drew arrows to the things that connected or linked to one another. After that I circled my top 5 goals. I went with my gut instinct on this, I didn't  spend a lot of time thinking but rather just enjoying the gratification of that big fat marker and the fast swoop of a circle. 

Voila! All-of-a-sudden they appeared, my life goals. I transferred my 5 goals onto a new, bright, blank sheet of paper and dazzled it up a touch. I am now eager to head forth in the direction of my purpose. 

obtain a master's degree
open and operate an early childhood education center
write & illustrate children's books
commit to a lifetime of love: partnership & children
make crazy mad change* (*not as measurable but it's a lump-sum of all my other goals)

Of course of course we shouldn't limit ourselves to just 5 things and each person may need a differentiated version of this activity but hey, it's a start. I sure feel a lot better than I did 15 minutes ago.

glimmer, goals & glows-


  1. I really love this post! Simple (and fun: love the office supplies) steps, with a tangible end result. Awesome! I'm excited to follow along as you reach your goals :)

  2. I love your goals!

  3. I love love LOVE your blog. You're always so positive.


  4. I love your voice in your writing! I am glad I found your blog :)