Trying to re-cap my crazy week. As much as teachers NEED Labor Day weekend, I really need even more time to recover and get my life back in order. My closet is just a heap of stuff. I spent 10 minutes yesterday just trying to find one sneaker. Thankfully I cleaned off my desk, which at least helped me sleep much better last night. My house is a disaster, but even more of a disaster was my classroom, and I just don't mean the "room" but even the little children that reside in it for 3 hours a day. In fact, even Cocoa and Carrots (the class rabbits) were running wild around the classroom (out of their cage) today when I arrived.... yup, this is going to be a MAJOR recovery weekend.

One thing that was super awesome about school this week was learning about and celebrating Eid al Fitr (an Islamic holiday) with my students, and enjoying the scrumptious cake that Amena and her family brought in. It totally put so much into perspective for me. No one ever taught me about any other holidays other than Christian holidays and one Jewish holiday. I'm now super revved up about introducing my students to as many different holidays and cultures as I can. I'm really excited about this.

Oh, and today, when each child went around in a circle to say what they wanted to be when they grow up, Alicia responded with "I wanna grow up to be a Brat" luckily, with my large knowledge base of children's likes and dislikes I was able to figure out that she was referring to a doll brand (similar to Barbie). It was still really funny though. Oh, and how do you tell a boy that he can't be Iron Man? Or a little girl that she can't be Tinkerbell? Tough. Especially since I have burned it in their teeny tiny brains that if they "work hard and get smart they can be anything they want to be".... oh, did I say "anything?" Shoot.

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