Fall Weekend

She spent her Saturday morning at the farmer's market & the thrift store...

At the farmer's market she found summer squash, cherry tomatoes, an Irish Cream latte, fresh basil, a potted Hindu Rope plant, two onions, and a jar of raw local honey...

Then it was off to the thrift store where she found a new set of shabby chic bowls, stemless blue glasses, a men's flannel shirt (perfect with leggings for the fall/winter), a soft pink chalice & a green glass chalice. Fabulous pieces to add to her cozy loft....

What will you make of your fall weekends?

basil, bargains & bliss,


  1. I am definitely going to have Jon take me out to the farmer's market next weekend. Oh and I love lemony flutter! It smells so good and makes my little toes nice n' soft :)

  2. I see a Lush Lemony Flutter in that bowl! The best hand cream :)

  3. Oh my gosh, this is the PERFECT fall day. I'm glad you're settling into your new town and place! :) I'm crossing my fingers that I get to have this exact day very soon!

  4. Going to the farmer's market tonight! Can't wait to see what I discover...