sweet summer

My blog has collected a bit of dust since my summer adventures picked up full-speed! I feel like I've been here & there & everywhere this summer. It was a perfect way to celebrate the spirit of the season and the company of amazing individuals. 

My friend Maile and I kicked off a 5-day Midwest road trip in Chicago where we both were able to connect with some great friends. We spent time bumming around the city and soaking up the sun along the shore of Lake Michigan with my dear friend and former roommate Julia. From there we headed east to Ohio for a beautiful summer wedding as one of our fellow co-workers and her darling husband tied the knot. On our way back to Tulsa we stopped in St. Louis to enjoy dinner with Maile's former roommate from Hawaii. You can guarantee that our road trip involved a lot of Goldfish, Dunkin' Donuts, Beyonce, and talks ranging from all ends of the spectrum. 

After my extended road trip I headed west for a solo endeavor to work on a fun project and see some great people. I spent time in Hollywood and Manhattan Beach devouring seafood and drinks and the company of long-time friends and a handsome writer. I came back to Tulsa to engage in my work and celebrate the 4th of July along the river with Mike, Maile, Weston, Ryan and my amazing new friend Loy. As the summer came to an end I spent my last weekend on a Utah getaway to explore the beautiful landscape of Moab with the formerly mentioned "handsome writer." I had just the right amount of hiking and relaxing before I was finally able to round out the summer and head back to Tulsa to prepare for the new school year with my 35 teachers.

Although the summer felt fast it was one of the best summers of my life. I was able to reflect on the many elements of my life that I am incredibly grateful for (my friends, my family, my job, my home, my experiences) and balance out work & play in just the right way. I spent a lot of time on the go but still felt I had plenty of time to plan for the school-year ahead and embrace the days of tan lines & sandals. 

happy to be here-


  1. Sounds so fun! Glad you had an awesome summer so far! Can't wait to feature you on my blog next month!


  2. You've been a busy lady, but sounds like so much fun and a great summer so far!