love is in the air.

Love to pre-kinders is (and I quote) "grosssssss."

Underpants are also "grossssss," but I guess I can understand that. But there aren't a lont of tangible words that start with "U" so I am out of options.

Boogers for some reason are not gross. In fact, judging by how many of them eat their own green goobers they must be very delicious (but I'm not gonna try).

Lice is also in the air..... itch itchy itchy.

The love bug has hit the classroom (even though it's "gross") and many of the kids are now confessing their love for one another... "but shhhh, it's a secret." Don't worry though- on Friday many of them have plans to divulge their love to their crushes, so soon the secrets will be out and love ("gross") will be everywhere. But hopefully the lice wont.


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