Rabbit Rabbit.

March is already here. That's just nuts. That means spring break and then soon April will be here and before I know it it will be May and my little smarties will be GRADUATING! Okay so It's time to crack the whip.

They know so many great things..... like 18 letters of the alphabet (including letter sounds). They know how to count syllables, tell time (on the hour and the half hour), shapes, colors, counting to 20, and 9 sight words. It's crazy how brilliant they are. I think back about how afraid I was to introduce the concept of time or letter sounds and then I wonder what I was so afraid of? They are so smart.

They are sooooo excited for kindergarten. Larry asked "do they give out stickers in Kindergarten too Ms. Toll?" And I told him "of course they do, and you will earn a lot of them because you are so smart." He smiled from ear to ear. We had a long discussion about how smart they will be when they get to kindergarten, and they have agreed to help the other students get smart. :)

I'm watching "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium" and I think that for my next job I would like to own a magical toy store.

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