As I wrap up my last month with my students I have been testing them on all the things that I wanted them to know by this point in the year. It's a little unnerving, realizing with only a month left I have very little control left over their successes. I'm just not ready to let them go. Too bad it's not possible to flunk pre-k.

I have to admit, I was a little nervous to test M. He doesn’t choose to participate much and we have struggled a lot to get him to learn letters, words, and how to write his name. Well…… today I pulled him to do his testing and he blew my mind. He has done so well. He confidently knows 9 sight words and more than 80% of his uppercase and lowercase letters combined. I gave him a sticker for his hard work and he proudly displayed it on his forehead. When he was done I asked him “who’s the smartest kid in the world?” and he proudly raised his hand and said “me!”

Any child is capable of anything. It’s so true. The best recipe for success? Confidence. If a student knows they are capable and can do it then eventually it will happen.

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