New Mexican Love Letter

Dear New Mexico,

Oh how I love thee, have I told you lately?

Although my toes cannot sink into your red sand, my lungs cannot fill with your warm air, and my eyes cannot be privileged with your breathtaking landscape my heart is still in sync with all that you have given me. Every morning I wake with warm gratitude for who I am and where I've been. Although I am not there, I am still a relentless servant to you.

I advocate for you daily by ensuring every individual I encounter leaves with a more enlightened perspective of you. I sing your praises and educate others on your gifts. I speak of your people, landscape, culture, and cuisine with more enthusiasm, passion, and respect than one could possibly imagine. I feel it would be far too selfish of me not to share The Land of Enchantment and it's bountiful goods with those less fortunate to know.

I act only as myself and no one else because I am incredibly proud of who I have been molded into thanks to your presence in my life. By this I hope to make others more comfortable with being themselves as well. I would not be who I am if it weren't for you and I promise I'm the proudest New Mexican anyone ever knew.

I operate with my experiences at the forefront of my mind. After working with the children of your state for over 2 years I know that all children can achieve greatness and that I should expect nothing less from any child. Because of that the children of Oklahoma will be held to equally as high expectations and therefore receive the education they deserve in order to lead prosperous and purposeful lives.

I am invested in your products and tangible items. I illuminate the palates of non-New Mexicans by gifting them with pinon coffee and green chile. I scavenge the grocery isles for New Mexican brands and familiar foods. I represent you in countless ways and am nurtured by your crops. I wear your turquoise, eat your pecans, and sleep under your dream catchers.

I am blessed beyond words and prouder than ever. It's funny how we take for granted what we have until we no longer have it. Everything I think and do is influenced by you and every piece of who I am is a product of thee.

New Mexico Love,


  1. Beautiful Brit!! Send me your mailing address and I will have Brycen package a big bag of pecans for you ;)

  2. Wonderful post! You truly make us New Mexican's very proud! =D I know I'd miss the smell of chile roasting in the air (which has begun) if I left NM. But at least you're starting a new adventure in life and I'm sure you'll learn about Tulsa's traditions and will love them!

  3. Such a great post!!! There's truly nothing like the great Southwest :) We have the BEST salsa....

  4. Aw I love this post! It makes me miss Gallup, and 502 Green St. SOO much!

  5. Maybe you could do a blogpost on traveling to New Mexico? What to see, where to eat, what to do,... Just a suggestion.