so sad.

Dear beautiful people....

I have no internet yet in my new loft. I only operate on my work internet and at temporary coffee shops. Fingers crossed I get connected this week. I miss Happy Brittany & you fabulous gems.

If you are sad like I am perhaps this may help:

See you soon cha-chas!!

P.S.- Feel free to write a formal complaint to COX of Tulsa. ;)


  1. haha formal complaint written. not some nasty email. an actual letter! handwritten correspondence is always more threatening -vong d

  2. Over the past few weeks I have also found myself in a sad mood.

    Here are a few things that make me feel happy, hopefully they help for you too!
    -take a really long shower or bath (with pretty smelling candles)
    -Watch as many comedy shows as you can, find some new unfound comedians to laugh along with!
    -count the things your thankful for, it's usually a surefire way to make you smile :)

    I hope you feel better!