Lessons Learned on New Year's Eve

just a few lessons learned from a fabulous New Year's Eve....

have no expectations, epic is what you make of it: 
One thing 2011 taught me well is that from limited expectations come bountiful bliss. Why I forgot this on New Year's Eve is beyond me. Fewer expectations gives greater outcome, you're often less disappointed & more open minded. Now this can't always be the truth but I must remember to know when expectations are necessary or not.... this will be my experiment for 2012.

do wear sparkly shorts instead of a skirt: 
What a beautiful thing it was not having to constantly battle with a skirt that hikes north. I did not envy girls with their restricting outfits, no sir I did not. Low-maintenance is always in fashion. 

make friends: 
So often New Year's Eve puts you in new places with an abundance of strangers, which was no different last night. Embrace the company and have a good time. Given that I'm usually shy around large crowds of new people (it's all a forceful act people, I really am quite shy), but this New Year's Eve would have been miserable if I didn't open out and enjoy the fine company I was surrounded by. This is always a good game plan. 

don't punch the wrong passcode in your iPhone multiple times: 
My phone crashed on me last night after the strike of midnight thanks to this foul party move. I was completely helpless. Apparently if you punch in your passcode incorrectly too many times your phone decides to reset, costing you all of your data until you can connect to WiFi or iTunes. Bad news on NYE. #lessonlearned

do yo thang: 
Who are you? What do you want? Then do it. Remember how much fun you are? Don't forget that. I know this lesson all-too-well... and if my phone hadn't gone all Y2K on me this may have been easier... but let's be real, I can't blame my phone for this. Lesson learned and reaffirmed for the year ahead. 

play the dancing game: 
I love to make up games and this is one of my favorites. Get behind an unsuspecting male victim and get jiggy with him without him knowing. It's HILARIOUS. I'm going to make more attempts to do this more often off the dance floor too. Have more fun. Be more child-like.

don't be dramatic: 
You're not the starring role in the hottest new romantic comedy.... so don't act like it. Do you want me to repeat that Brittany? No, you've learned your lesson. The cocktails and flashing lights probably didn't help though, in your defense. 

don't wear red lipstick: 
I had it on & took it off. No way did I want to deal with that gnarly red outline and endless reapplications. It's beautiful and all but- thanks but no thanks. Not on NYE.

do celebrate a blessed year: 
Going with the flow of no expectations don't forget the beauty of the year you bid adieu to. Celebrate a new year but don't neglect the past. You've learned too much to start over.

live & learn and do it better next time: 
So you added a lot of pressure, had expectations, and forgot a few rules. Oh well. Another experience learned, try something new next time and use what you've learned to make it better. Don't dwell on what has already happened, it's not worth it. That baggage can be left in the old year. Remember how you actually had a really great time? 

resolutions start on January 2nd:
Make them count. End of story. 

Well that was fun. What's next? Here we go, 2012...


keep calm the new year is here,


  1. "That baggage can be left in the old year."

    So insightful! I am going to do this myself.

    Happy new year!

  2. Wonderful post, Brittany! I especially love the first one. New Years is overrated, but you can make anything overrated by expecting too much. I'm going to try to apply that to my whole life this year :)