Winterfy Your Humble Abode

I’ll be the first to admit that I dread the cold. This year I am taking proactive steps to combat ole Jack Frost and winterfy my cozy little loft…

Stock up on candles- No doubt the dim flickering of a candle automatically makes me feel warm. But even more satisfying is the sweet aroma of winter. I’ve fallen madly in love with the Cranberry Pear Bellini holiday scent from Bath & Body Works. It’s subtle yet sweet & clean and of course, and even better that the wax is a soft pink so it fits right in with my décor.

Draw the blinds- I only put my blinds down during sunset but I especially love that I keep them up through the winter. First of all I love falling asleep by the glow of winter nights. Second, I love waking up to blankets of white outside my window. And third, letting the sun in during the day will actually cut back on heating costs.

Keep your slippers by the door- After you’ve trudged through snow and wetness all day the first thing you do when you get home is take off your dreary boots. Be prepared by leaving your slippers by the door on your way out- your toes with thank you.

Stack up a pile of books- Need an excuse to read? Stack up the books that you want to read and put them next to your bed. The calmness of the winter nights and the fear of leaving the indoors will draw you back to this stack consistently and please your somber little heart beyond words.

Pull out your winter sheets- Wherever they are wash them and prep them so that you are one step ahead of the cold. Nothing makes me happier than a fluffy, cozy bed on a cold January night.

Always keep the kettle full- Make it simple enough to just turn the knob. Keep your water warm and your tea bottomless. Warm your belly as often as you can. Sipping tea can also be a meditative opportunity, try this: sip slowly and calmly and meditate on the taste of the tea, the present moment, or the sound of tea flowing into your lips. Take deep breaths and breathe in the aroma.

Hang a hook for your pajama sweater- I’ve found that hanging up my night sweater leads me less towards the “UP arrow button” on my thermostat. Having it within arms reach makes my life all the more simple, and having a place to put it before bed also allows me to wake up to less clutter.

Get a plant- I love the satisfaction of giving my plants water and life. I have simple generic house plants from Home Depot but I really do enjoy the life they bring to my home, especially during the dull months of winter. 

snow globes & silk robes,

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  1. Love all these suggestions. I do have 2 cups of coffee in AM and have some hot tea later. Have my comforter on
    My bed. Have my stack of books to read. (you should see them) ;). I like that idea about candles. Want to get them. I also have incense that I have not used in a while.
    Well that's it for now.

  2. Wonderful tips! I always like to let the sun in, whatever the season. That natural light puts me in a better mood. And a hot drink on a cold day is a must! There's nothing like that feeling of warming yourself with some hot chocolate or tea.

  3. I feel warm and cozy just reading this :)

  4. You always warm my soul! Much love!


  5. Wonderful tips! I would love to implement some of them myself but...unfortunately Los Angeles believes that 70 & 80 degree weather is acceptable for January. Ridiculous.