The Charm of Fall

 Caramel Apples. State Fairs. Hollowed Pumpkins. Scarves. Crock-Pot-Creations. Falling Leaves. Red Lips. Spiced Tea. Horror Films. Boots. Warm Candles. Orange Sunsets.......

Spring is traditionally known as a time of rebirth & rejuvenation, but I see no reason why fall can't have the same spirit! It's the start of something new and the transition to the end of the year. It's the perfect time to re-organize your closet, learn a new skill, and do something spontaneous. Here are some ways to embrace the fall spirit with open arms....

1. Change it up: Start simple with a new lip color (magenta!), go a bit bolder and perhaps try a new hair color (auburn!) or adopt a new friend (Penelope!). Embrace the opportunity to take on something new, you'll never know unless you do and you will most likely end up pleasantly surprised.

2. Do something you have been putting off: Is there a book you haven't made time for yet that you have really wanted to read? Itching to clean out that junk drawer in your kitchen? Start now. Right now. Mark the time off on your calendar to complete your task. Pull that book down from the shelf and put it on your nightstand and plan to go to bed 30 minutes sooner so you can start the first chapter. Do it now. 

3. Learn something new: Ready to finally master a Crock-Pot meal? Interested in learning more about your neighborhood or exploring a new culture? Curious to know what political opinions and parties you want to vote for? Take on the scholarly spirit of the back-to-school season and learn something that peaks your interest. Make a habit of learning all the time through authentic experiences and relationships. You may even discover a talent or passion that you never knew you had!

4. Feed your soul: Plan a dinner with friends you haven't seen in a while, or retreat to a new destination for a quick weekend getaway. Send a thoughtful card to a relative or an old friend. Execute a scary-movie-marathon with your crush. Embrace the season with the people who mean the most to you and reconnect with the ones you have lost touch with, it'll be good for your soul.

5. Make a plan: Get ahead of yourself and plan out the things you want to do, try, and learn before the season sneaks away from you. Make a fall bucket list, plan something new for each weekend, or track down the art class schedule at your local community college. Take the brilliant ideas cooking in your head and go make them happen by making room for them in your life. 

We live a good life, don't forget it and don't let it forget you. 

pumpkin spice & everything nice-


  1. Give us some fall styling tips!
    (In need!)

  2. Love this. You always give such a fresh and positive viewpoint on the world and it encourages a better outlook. Love your blog Brittany!

    Being the beauty junkie that I am, I would love a post about your favorite fall makeup and beauty items. :)