Halloween for the Ghoul on a Budget

Happy All Hallows' Eve boys & ghouls! I read in the current issue of TIME magazine that adults are estimated to spend 1.4 billion dollars on Halloween costumes this year (compared to 1.1 billion for children). Surely we have better things to spend 1.4 billion dollars on right? Halloween can be celebrated at a much lower cost thus giving you more cash to enjoy a new fall wardrobe, vacation, or the opportunity to donate to a local shelter as the temperature begins to drop. See how Halloween can be ever-so-enjoyable, even for the ghoul on a budget.... 

$12 Homemade Costume: 
Yes my costume this year cost me only $12! You can save so much money by simply taking advantage of the things that you already have. After my trip back to my hometown of Las Cruces, NM last month I made my mind up that for Halloween I would represent the culture I grew up around and dress as a sugar skull, a symbol of Dia de Los Muertons (Nov 1st). Once I knew what I wanted to be I did some exploring on Pinterest and found some really cool ways to do makeup and hair that would fit my vision & budget. With that I grabbed some black & blue face paint from Target (just $1 a pop for a huge tube!) a pack of gems, eyelashes and a few big silk flowers that I clipped form their stems and twirled up in my hair. I used paint brushes I had at home to replicate a few of the face painting looks I found on Pinterest which simply required painting blue around my eye (just follow your brow bone all the way around) and a black design of a stitched smile (similar to Jack or Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas). Then I applied some dark red lip color to the middle of my lips and added the gem stones where I saw fit. I wore a long-sleeve black top and a pleated maxi skirt to finish the look (since the best part of the costume was all from the neck up anyway). While I have to admit it was difficult at first to paint on my own face I do appreciate the simplicity of the design of this look, it doesn't have to be perfect nor does it have to be expensive. 

$25 Ghostly Hosting:
On Saturday we had a get-together in our building and each apartment decorated their home and served drinks and snacks. For a girl on a budget I wanted to entertain my guest without breaking the bank. It actually turned out to be pretty simple, inexpensive and took hardly any time. To set the tone I grabbed a few bags of spider web decor from Hobby Lobby (they were 40% off too!) and draped spider webs all around the living area and kitchen using tape to hold it up. I love the spider webs because they are classic and spooky at the same time. Then I closed my curtains which made my home even spookier, lit all of my candles to set the tone (which also cast shadows on the spider webs) and found a "Haunted House" playlist on Spotify to set on repeat. For snacks and drinks we made a simple concoction of kiwi-watermelon Koolaid and vodka with a dash of green food coloring. I topped the drinks off with witch fingers that I found in packages for $1 at Target (*wash them first though). We roasted the pumpkin seeds from our Jack-O-Lanterns and served them in mason jars like the drinks. It was so simple and cost me less than $30 to host ~15 people.

$10  Spooky Movie Marathon:
One of the items in my fall bucket list was to watch all of the classic Halloween films. My $10 subscription to Netflix has made this incredibly easy and has even made checking my mailbox a more enjoyable experience. I'm also willing to bet that a lot of these classic thrillers would be $1 rentals at your friendly neighborhood Blockbuster, and for those of you who have cable you will surely be able to find a spooky movie marathon on tonight with hardly any effort at all. Pop some popcorn, make homemade caramel apples, brew some apple cider and stay in cozy and warm.

Free Happenings Around Town:
There are always great things to do at little to no cost around town or in your community, holidays are prime time for businesses to market their products or work. Follow a Twitter account of a local venue that hosts events, peruse local posters to see what peaks your interests and find out what your friends are up to. These are great opportunities where you can meet new friends or old friends, observe wild costumes, and celebrate Halloween for free. I know for me going somewhere new or attending an event where I don't know someone isn't always the easiest for my comfort level.... but take advantage of the fact that it's Halloween and everyone deserves to have a good time. 

$20-Free Ghost Stories Under the Covers 
Spend the night in devouring a spine-chilling read under the covers with your cat (or your luvah!). I love the traditional ritual of telling ghost stories under the covers at night. There is always something so delightful about eliminating the chaos of the modern world and doing things like they used to be done. I found this book about Tulsa hauntings at a local shop but what I love most about it is learning the history of Tulsa and Oklahoma You don't need a book to tell ghost stories though, just a creative imagination and a set of ears to listen to you (Penelope is great at this).

tricks, treat & manicured feet-


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Never a dull moment in your life! hugs from home! -Randi-

  2. You look INCREDIBLE in that last photo!! So creative and beautifully done :)

  3. You look stunning. Great post.
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