Gearing Up for the New Year

It’s hard to believe that amidst the holiday madness comes a brand new year full of fresh opportunities! Soon many of us will be off on our way to our holiday destinations and may not even return home until after the fall of the 2013 ball. How will you ensure that 2013 starts with a BANG! when you’re simply trying to survive the holiday chaos? Read on for some helpful suggestions to keep you sane, prepared, and excited for the year ahead….

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Get Organized
If you are anything like me you pounce at any opportunity to reset & recharge (ie: spring cleaning, my birthday, new years, seasons, and school years). In order to maximize this opportunity I want to ensure there is organization in all compartments of my life. From cleaning out my pantry, to organizing my desk, to making space in my closet, I have created a prioritized list of what must be accomplished before 2013 arrives. This will (hopefully!) ensure continued organization and bliss through the new year.

Compose Your Resolutions
 Don’t forget to make time to craft your resolutions for the new year. Last year I decided to roll out “Stackable Resolutions” and categorize the different areas of my life I was resolving to improve. If you’re interested then check out my Stackable Resolutions here! If you are also looking for some “resolutionspiration” check out “101 Creative Resolutions”  for some fun ideas and suggestions. You could also consider a new spin- instead of resolutions try a set of “Commandments” for the year like this idea from The Happiness Project. This year (in addition to traditional resolutions) I’m going to try setting an experiment for each month to be determined at the start of the month. For example: “If I drink fresh juice every day for breakfast for one month how will I feel/look/think at the end of the month?”. Then I plan to document the changes either in a journal or through daily photographs to see which changes are actually rendering improvements in the places I want to improve. I’m looking forward to a fun new spin on resolutions as well as my traditional approach.

De-clutter Your Tech
Often times I underestimate the significant presence of technology in my life and the impact of the “clutter”. When I think about it, my technology (iPhone, work computer, personal computer, email, ect) really is full of gunk and junk and I deal with it almost every day. It’s usually the last thing I think of when I think of “de-cluttering” my life but in anticipation of 2013 I’m going to reorganize my email & computer files, delete photo duplicates on my iPhone, clean up my web browser bookmarks and unsubscribe to all the email mailing lists I’m on. This will allow 2013 to have a fresh slate not only in the physical world but also the digital world. Here are some tips from *geeksugar to get you started!

Don’t Leave Your Home In Chaos
As we prepare for our departures & travels for holiday time with family our homes and work spaces can quickly resemble the pathway of Tasmanian Devil. From gift wrapping frenzies to packing madness it can be easy to put our messes behind us and head off to our holiday adventures in a hurry. There are two reasons why we should NOT allow ourselves to do this: 1. Whether we know it or not, the chaos left behind can weigh gloomily on our subconscious and thus diminish some of the joy of the holiday season and time with our loved ones. 2. When we do finally come home to our lives after the glitter of the holiday season has settled the LAST thing we will want to do is clean up wrapping paper scraps and sweep up pine needles. Do yourself a favor now, make time before you leave to tidy up; wash your sheets, put away your gift wrapping supplies, unload the dishwasher, and leave your home ready to welcome you with open arms in 2013. 

Prepare for Your Best New Year’s Eve Celebration Yet!
Whatever your New Year’s Eve plans may be ensure that they are nothing short of the most magnificent way to celebrate the end of 2012 and the efforts of your work. Here are a few lessons I learned last New Year’s Eve: Happy Brittany: Lessons Learned on New Year's Eve

good tidings to you & you-

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