Fast & Easy Christmas Decor for the Elf on a Budget

Still needing some Christmas cheer around the house? It's not too late! Here are some quick and easy ways to create a winter-wonderland that wont break the bank.

Given that I don't have any space to store a fake tree plus I love the smell of fresh pine I opted for a living Christmas tree this year. Even on its own it adds the perfect touch of winter charm to my tiny studio apartment. I would imagine many Christmas tree lots are hoping to sell all of their trees before Christmas so see if you can snag a great deal or find out if your local grocery store or Home Depot has some lone trees looking for a home to embrace. 

Once you have your tree adorn it with homemade crafts as simple as a strand of popcorn and dried oranges with glitter. Yarn pom-poms are also as easy as grade school and add the perfect colorful touch when you use rainbow yarn! I also found some random wood shapes at Hobby Lobby and decorated them with glitter and used twine to hang them up. 

Frame a segment of your home with a tiny strand of lights. This ads instant cheer without the clutter to any part of your home. Simply follow the natural architecture of the wall or arch. Find a spot that's close to an outlet to avoid the "hide the bright orange extension cord" battle.

Fill a glass jar or ceramic bowl with an army of cinnamon scented rainbow pine cones. Wrap the yarn around the pine cones (no need for glue or knots just tuck the ends of the yarn into the pine cone), the pine cons hold the yarn quite well. Not only are they the perfect burst of color but thy also make your home smell amazing. Add glitter to the tips of the pine cone for extra dazzle. 

Infuse vodka in a mason jar with cranberries and use for a purposeful and festive center piece for your table.  When you are ready for a festive drink mix cranberry juice with Sprite and an ounce of your infused vodka, garnish with a lime. Thanks to my friend Loy who shared this lovely treat with me!

Display your Christmas greetings in style with yarn & clothes pins. Tie one end of the yarn to your freezer door handle and tape the other end around the corner before the hinge of your freezer door. Then hang your cards up using clothes pins (I also tied pom poms to the string for fun). Simple. Easy. No mess, good cheer. BONUS- add glitter to the front of your clothes pins for an extra touch.

Easy enough with minimal effort- drape a strand of "old fashion" colored bulbs in front of your window for some instant warm & fuzzy that wont require a complete overhaul on your shabby-chic-bachelorette-pad. 

laughing all the way-