I should be putting on my bright clothes for the Adopt-A-Highway community service project.... but I'm going to take a quick minute to blog since it has been so long.

Thanksgiving break was just fantastic. Enough said.

I have a page of delightful quotes from the week that I can't wait to post! But I think my favorite quote was when Izabell ran up to me, hugged me and said "Ms. Toll, I love you so much!" See why I just love my job?

I wish I had a million dollars so I could give my kids books for Christmas. I feel like they need some great books to read over the break. They love story time and I would love for them to have some great story time moments with their families. I need to start a book drive for them maybe. Hmm....

I have big dreams to create my own Children's book..... so maybe that will be a start.

Hasta la vista.

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