I love every little detail of my job. I loved setting up my classroom as I anticipated the first day of school- from the 3-D reading tree I constructed out of butcher paper to each little name tag that I had handwritten, laminated, and taped down to the desks. Then I loved the first day of school, meeting all my awesome kids and handing tissues to all the teary-eyed parents. I love meal times, when I get to sit and talk to them about kid stuff like Transformers or a day at Grandma's house. Then there is the excitement of a Monday, when I get to introduce a new letter to them and their tiny little hands create the loudest and most exciting drum-roll you could have ever imagined. And I look forward to their magnificent dance moves that they bust out when the class is rewarded with a dance party. Everyday brings something new and it never gets boring, I always have something to laugh about, or be excited about, and sometimes even cry about. I love my job because I get to spend my days with 40 of the coolest 4-year-olds on the planet, and I love getting them ready for Kindergarten... and the rest of their lives.

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