[happy notes]

[going to work with day old pool water hair]
[thumbing through a fashion magazine for the first time in months]
[unexpected flower delivery from two of the most amazing people, Belia & Curtis]
["skinny" lattes topped off with whipped cream (it makes perfect sense)] 
[feather earrings]
[cards from mommy]
[moments like these: Me: What will happen if I eat a 3rd bowl of Trix? RachelF: You'll probably morph into your true form. A unicorn. Followed by outrageous roaring laughter between a school team of Teach For America ECE staffers]
[introducing east coasters to the concept of pickles at the theater, hot cheeto obsessions, and sopapillas. I heart NM cuisine.]
[spongebob googly eye stickers for note giving]
[wake up call: Why Men Love Bitches]
[$14 round-trip bus ticket to NYC]
[interactions with students]
[my Sugar Factory sucker]
[not having a solid direction for next steps but having complete readiness to take flight with the breeze... dear weatherman, when can i expect this?]
[the smell of Play-Doh]

fairies & strawberries,


  1. All wonderful things to be happy about!

  2. Brittany, I log onto Scientific American from time-to-time to look at current discussions within the scientific community... I thought you might be interested in seeing how well your evolutionary answer at the Miss USA competition was rated among the scientific community. Pretty awesome!