philly provokes my newest addictions

My adventures here in Philly have landed me in a whirlwind of self-discovery mixed with early childhood endeavors and achievement gap realizations. To combat my demanding (and occasionally stressful) schedule I have recently taken to a new set of addictions that my heart & brain would rather not live without in this time of need.

American Apparel, more specifically, body suits. I'm freakishly obsessed and have now made two trips to the local American Apparel store to become the proud owner of 13 of these magical clothing articles. Am I on the verge of needing AAAA (American Apparel Addicts Anonymous)? Not yet. Ask me next week after I have made an online order to purchase the additional colors not sold in stores. In the meantime, hustle your tush over to your friendly AA and pick one up for yourself. Feel free to thank me later.

Computer file organization. Never in my life has my computer housed so many files. As the lesson plans from the new teachers I advise come rolling in new folders are quickly created and filled with feedback, reflections, and assessments. Phew, my thumb is becoming numb to the amount of right clicks it is required to do. Numbness.... that is the warning sign of addiction right? Well at least it sort-of balances with the remaining 3 toes per foot that are still numb from my time at Miss USA. Cheers to to the tingle of a numb appendage, or 7.

Sark. Inspiration. I crave it. 'Nough said. Wanna join my addiction? Check her out and pick a book at random, it doesn't matter where you start, but it does matter when. So start now.

Listening to my fellow Teach For America staffers and corps members talk me into applying to be the Bachelorette. Their cases are flattering, which is why I am addicted. Are their cases convincing? Not yet. Getting warmer though.

A sucka for shuga. Twizzler Pull'n Peel cherry. Plain M&Ms straight from the freezer. A tote bag for the work day stocked with Blow Pops & Tootsie Pops. I've gone completely off the deep end. Even my tongue is sore from the lifestyle of daily sugar ODs. I need the fuel. Somebody call the doctor, I've lost count of my tooth aches.

A lush for Lush. The smell lures me in. The products grab my attention. The purchase gratifies me. The use completes me. I'm a Lush junkie. I love everything I own from there and everything I eventually plan on owning. If I could inject the pleasure of these products into my veins I would (not to be taken literally).

Caffeine. Back in my previous life (pre-k teacher with a perfectly hand-crafted daily routine) I would take my loads of vitamins daily & sip 3 cups of green tea every morning religiously. Currently, in my temporary home, I have no ability nor time to even attempt a pot of green tea. My vitamins are in a place I couldn't even begin to identify because all of my precious belongings are stuffed in boxes in my parents' basement awaiting my retrieval of them. Two days in this adventure I have functioned on zero (0) hours of sleep. The other days I function on anywhere between 3-2 hours. Caffeine is a life line. I need it. I'll overcome this addiction, just not today, or tomorrow, or by Friday.

I'm actually quite happy with these addictions and truly enjoy them (who doesn't enjoy their addictions?!). I'm also incredibly happy that I have my job.... not just because it assisted in introducing me to my new found addictions but because I genuinely love what I am doing. Even though some days it feels like it's the coffee that's pulling me out of bed at 5am after 2 hours of sleep I know it's really not. It's the people I'm working with, the lessons I'm learning, and the community and children I'm impacting. I'm so glad I'm here.

Celebrate your addictions (the legal ones please) and the paths that brought you to them.


  1. It's okay to give in sometimes! Lush is a great addiction though - The Comforter bubble bar is my all-time fav product.

  2. I know exactly how it feels to run on zero sleep. Many days I stay up all day with baby Claire, work that night from 7-7 and come home and stay up and play with her all day until bedtime. Our schedules may be exhausting but it is worth it! I survive by my Starbucks addiction :)

  3. I know how you feel too. Coffee got me through my deployment. I worked 200 straight days, and I had to have my coffee everyday to make it through the days.

  4. How do you style your body suits? Sounds like a cute idea!

  5. Hey Amy! So I literally have 13 of them! The tanks are great for layering under things. The T-shirt ones are my favorite! You can wear them with everything, they are just adorable and comfy and stay put all day. The one in the pic has mesh down the center, it would be bets for a night out. I wore a black t-shirt one (and they have beautiful low backs) with black shorts and black wedges and long sparkly dangle earrings and it was amazing. They are perfect with skirts too. Honestly the possibilities are endless.... they are staples to any wardrobe.

  6. OMG you should SO do The Bachelorette! I hear speculations that Emily wants to be the new one and you would be WAY better! Seriously, call ABC...NOW! If you can even do that, of course lol

  7. I have three reasons why you should apply for The Bachelorette (to add to your list):

    1. So I can live vicariously through you! Unfortunately for me, the point of the show is not interesting people and pretty outfits and wonderful places, it is being single and falling in love....which I already am with my boyfriend of 3 years. Thus, you must try for all of us happily "off the market" kinda gals.

    2. You are a pretty, well-rounded soul and any guy would be lucky to spend two minutes with you so give the guys a chance!

    3. (And most importantly) You are an attractive, intelligent woman, who is doing all that she can to make her life count to those around her. The world needs more people like you. What a great way to show them! <3